Cannabis Clone Machines

Using Clone Machines inside your grow room will make life much easier and more profitable for you as a marijuana grower. You have 2 options; buy a clone machine or build your own.
I personally build my own machines for cloning, but I know some people do not have the time to build a clone machine, which is what this page is for. It contains only the best clone machines on the market.

EZ Clone Machines for Cannabis

Cuttings root faster with the EZ-Clone. Featuring a high flow-rate irrigation system and an external air intake, the EZ-Clone features propagation sites with reservoir, pump, and air stone.

Using Clone Machines to Grow Marijuana

Each Cloner contains a true aeroponic mist application to ensure the best rooting and aeration to achieve optimum results. Simply dip the cutting in your choice of cloning hormone, place cutting in the neoprene collar and place in the 2″ pot. I also suggest using a cloning solution and fungicide in the Clone Machine reservoir. Operate the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3 to 10 days). Transplant into any desired grow substrate. Cloners work best with 16-18 hours of fluorescent lighting at 4″-8″ for cuttings. Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful.

Building Custom Clone Machines

If you are like me and like to build your own grow equipment, then this video blueprint I have created will make your work easy. I list all of the supplies you need to build a clone machine and give you step by step instructions. Click here to learn how to build your own cannabis clone machines for growing indoor marijuana.

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