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Hash and Kief

dry ice kief hash thc

Dry Ice Kief

Dry Ice Kief extraction is by far the most effective and easiest way of extracting kief or the thc trichomes from the harvested marijuana plants dried clippings and leaves. Kief is the best thing to use as a base when
finger hash hand rub hashish resin thc resin kief scissor hash

Hand Rub Hash

Hand Rub Hash is a simple and easy way to make hashish, but it is a horridly inefficient and wasteful way to make hash. All you need to make hand rub hashish are a good set of hands, adequate cannabis
hash oil or cannabis oil

Hash Oil or Cannabis Oil

Hash oil is a concentrate of hash or (cannabis oil) that has ben dissolved in nasty hydrocarbon solvents such as ether and alcohol to extract the THC. The residues that hash oil contains from the solvents used can be very
water hash

Water Hash

Water hash is favorite method of making concentrates across the planet. Its name comes from the efficient water process that is used to collect glands from the trip, leaf, and bud bits. Water hash is actually a loose, kief-type product


Weed Recipes


Many people prefer to consume their medicine through Medical Marijuana Edibles, due to concerns about the health risk of smoking. Marijuana foods for medicine are called Medical Marijuana Edibles. Edibles are the most discreet way of consuming marijuana. Edibles can be made into daily foods, such as butter aka cannabutter, which is then used to cook anything you want. Marijuana can also be converted into therapeutic oils, lotions and other health and beauty products. The most common edibles are rice krispie treats, hard candies, brownies and other baked goods. The high you experience from eating marijuana is a different high than smoking it. It takes a bit longer to kick in (30-45mins) than smoking marijuana. Some side effects are dizziness, vomitting, and anxiety.

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