Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa originated predominately in Asia, the Americas and Africa. Since each place is so different, so are the characteristics of each plant. They do all share the general traits: tall, leggy stature with inter nodal length, a large sprawling root system, large narrow bladed leaves, and somewhat sparse flowers when grown indoors. Sativas will start to bloom a few weeks later than Indica strains. These are best suited for outdoor grow as they can grow up to 15 feet or more. The problem with growing tall plants indoors is not only ceiling height issues but more importantly that the HID Lights are not powerful enough to illuminate the whole plant. I personally grow my Sativa strains in my warehouse as there is more space and an abundance of electricity to run more High Pressure Sodium Lights for budding.

Indoor Sativa Strains

Early Sativa
Fast Poison
Madame Poison
Atomic Haze
Original Flo
Super Silver Haze
Durban Poison
Great White Shark
White Widow
Arjan’s Haze #1
Neville’s Haze
Hawaiian Snow
Blueberry x Hawaiian
Sapphire Star
Leda Uno
Grapefruit Haze
Island Sweet Skunk
Dutch Dragon
Early Pearl
Kali Mist
Bubble Gum

Outdoor Sativa Strains

Most of the Indoor Sativa strains can be grown outside as well. Not every outdoor cannabis sativa strain is made to grow indoors due to size and geographic regions they come from.

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