early sativa bud plant

Early Sativa

Origins – Sativa
Flowering – 55 – 65 days
Harvest – Late August (in Canada)

Great White North is a small company whose specialty is outdoor varieties for Canadian seasons. They describe themselves as “a commercial grower that got carried away” into seed science. Their straightforwardly named Early Sativa is exactly that: a short-season equatorial acclimated to summers in Canada’s greaoutdoors.

Early Sativa performs well in nearly all outdoor settings, finishing on the Canadian prairies at the end of August. Early Sativa grows into the traditional Christmas-tree shape with a large central cola. This plant’s physiognomy is strongly sativa, with light green tones and long thin leaves, but Early Sativa stays fairly diminutive, with an average height between 2 and 4 feet. Despite the manageable size and central bud formation, this plant is best suited as a multi-branch. She would yield less if crowded into a sea of green. The buds are unexpectedly compact given this plant’s pure sativa lineage. Gardeners can expect an average yield of 5 ouncez per plant, and possibly double that with good fertilization and an early start.

Early Sativa brings an enjoyable fresh sunkissed fruitness to the palate. Occasional or light smokers will appreciate this strain’s easy ride into an enjoyably lucid high, mild and easy to regulate. Early Sativa enhances work or play, especially hikes, picnics, or gardening.