Island Sweet Skunk

island sweet skunk iss sativa

Sativa dominant cross
Also Good for: Nausea, Appetite, Focus, Daytime Pain Relief, Sexual Enhancement
Side Effects: Daytime smoke, energetic, ability to focus is greatly increased, enjoyable. Colors more vibrant, music is enhanced, forget about any pain a very powerful sexual stimulant, increasing sensation, stamina, and libido quite dramatically. Potency: 1 hit

Origins – Skunk #1
Flowering – 50-55 days
Harvest – Late September

Island Sweet Skunk came to Federation by way of expat Vietnam veterans who settled on Vancouver Island in Western Canada. The parent is a 1970s California Skunk #1 strain which was referred to as “Sweet Skunk”. Stabilized outdoors, Island Sweet Skunk remains Federation’s most prolific variety with outdoor yields averaging a pound per plant.

Island Sweet Skunk takes 8 weeks to finish in its Canadian home, but this variety can be ready to harvest in 7 weeks when grown at a higher altitude. The fluffy buds allow for good air flow, which reduces the chance of mold. Rain is easily dispersed and a little breeze leaves the colas dry and healthy. As it matures, these buds become covered with elongated orange-yellow hairs.

A real jumper in growth, Island Sweet Skunk will double in size when put into flowering indoors. A pole-straight growth pattern and minimal lateral branching make it possible to place plants close together in a sea of green setup. The large main colas at the end of each plant give a great yeild, even in small spaces, but should be staked. After vegetating for 2 months outdoors, this plant has reached heights of 12 feet, with a 3 pound yield that practically broke the branches off.