Cannabis Red Card

medical cannabis red card mmj card

Having a Medical Marijuana Cannabis Card (red card) can be beneficial if you’re someone who purchases marijuana directly from legal dispensaries, as it can save you money and give you access to higher quality cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Card or MMJ Red Card are prescribed by license doctors to help treat chronic pains, schizophrenia, aids, cancer and many other health related issues. There are now 16 states and D.C. that allow the use of medical cannabis and medical marijuana dispensaries. Its still a federal crime, although the Obama administration has asked the feds to leave each state alone as its helping create tax revenue, as well as helping patients will their illness or pain.

Cannabis Red Card

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Cannabis Red Card

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MMJ Red Card Doctors

Licensed Doctors that specialize in prescribing medical marijuana for pain and treatment are the only people that can write the script for you to get your mmj red card. Medical Marijuana Patients should consult with a medical marijuana physician prior to anything. Tell them every injury or surgery or illness you have ever had, including any pain you experience. Once your mmj doctor diagnosis your symptoms, they will then write you a script for your medical cannabis card. You then need to send that in to your local state office or health administration for processing. They take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on what state you are in to get your card to you in the mail.