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With the boom in today’s MMJ Market, comes the overstock of high quality buds for sale. This creates an uneven supply/demand effect, which results in lower prices and more difficulty selling your weed. If you are a grower that needs to sell some extra medicine, or a patient looking for new strains that your local Dispensary does not have, then this Medical Marijuana Network is the place for you. This mmj marketplace is designed for medical marijuana card holders and Licensed Dispensaries to buy, sell and trade their marijuana products. The Weed Scene MMJ Farmer’s Market is the first of its kind anywhere on the web and has been designed specifically for growers and patients by a veteran grower and distributor of medical marijuana.

MMJ Market Network

The Weed Scene (TWS) Farmer’s Market consist of individual mmj patients and cardholders, cannabis growers and marijuana dispensaries who set up their own profile page to sell medical marijuana, marijuana clones, mmj edibles, hash tinctures etc.. Our Farmers market adds value to growers, patients and mmj dispensaries due to the fact that we allow you to connect with the local marijuana community, finding the best deals on the exact strains you are looking for. Growers and Caregivers sell their mmj directly to patients, minimizing profit loss by circumventing the middleman. MMJ Patients get to buy their weed directly from the grower, always making sure to pick the best quality strains. MMJ Patients can choose who they buy their medical cannabis and marijuana edibles from, some even choose to buy only organic marijuana medicine from Organic Farmers. Marijuana Patients get to enjoy fresh, locally grown buds and Growers get to sell their mmj locally, saving time and keeping it legal at all times.

MMJ Market Membership

Becoming a Member of The Weed Scene Farmer’s Market is FREE, Easy to do and will be the best decision you make when it comes to buying and selling medical marijuana (mmj). Please read the disclaimer prior to using The Weed Scene farmers Market. Once you complete that, you will need to click on the state you live in or the state where you hold a medical marijuana card. You can search by zip code for medical marijuana (mmj) and anything else related to MMJ, like edibles, hash, tinctures, hemp beauty products and much more. This MMJ market to buy and sell medical marijuana products is intended to help patients find the perfect medicine for their illness’. This is not to be used as a place to solicit anything illegal! Please help keep this free service legal which will allow you to continue to use it for many years to come. My main goal is to help better this industry, as I do not charge $ nor am I paid any $ for this. I do it for the love of MMJ and the ability to help better peoples lives.

Lets go buy and sell mmj!

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