Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil, also known as hemp oil, is a byproduct of the Cannabis plant. It is important to note that while all of the plants that fall under the Cannabis genus can produce oil, it is only the industrial cannabis plant that can be used in producing this particular oil. This is because this plant is specifically cultivated for that purpose and also contains only the minimum amount of psychoactive substances that are typically associated with this plant genus. In fact, it is also free of THC and has very little to no psychoactive properties at all.

The seeds tend to produce some of the best cannabis seed oil but the entire plant itself can be processed for it. Cold pressed oil that hasn’t undergone any refinement comes with a rich and nutty flavor, often tinted green naturally. Once it has been refined, however, the oil loses this green color and the flavor becomes more subtle.

Cannabis Oil Products

As for everyday uses for the product, there are a number of them. Among the most common would be in soaps. It can also be used in lubricants as well as paints. Body care products, especially organic ones, use it as one of the best and most potent moisturizers that nature can provide. It can also be applied directly onto the skin as a treatment for cracks or flaking. Body oils, body creams and even certain perfumes contain a specific amount of this product. For health uses, people have taken to using it as a dietary supplement. It does contain a high amount of essential fatty acids– comparable to fish and olive oil, as a matter of fact. Much like the other two oils mentioned, cannabis or hemp seed oil is also often used as a garnish in various dishes.

Unrefined cannabis oil actually has a short shelf life and it can quickly go rancid unless you store it in dark, tinted containers. Refrigerating it also helps in slowing down this process. Typically, people purchase this product in small amounts so nothing goes to waste. One important thing you have to remember is that cannabis oil is not suitable for cooking. It has a very low smoking point and cooking it in high heat can also change its chemical composition. Refined cannabis seed oil lasts longer but most of the benefits associated with it are no longer present after it has been processed.

Is Cannabis Oil legal?

Cannabis remains to be a controversial crop in many regions of the world because of different concerns regarding its effects on people. In fact, there are places wherein the mere cultivation of the plant is completely banned but the products produced from it such as oil, paper, and garments are legally traded. In some places, only industrial hemp is permitted.

There are also nations wherein the cultivation of all the plants under the genus is freely permitted, thinking that this technique is far more efficient than outright banning it. It should also be noted that wild hemp is not uncommon in some regions of the world thus making the enforcement of bans even harder. To be sure, however, do your research about the area you reside in. In some cases, cannabis regulations can vary from one state to another.