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Does your current Medical Malpractice policy cover Marijuana Physicians Insurance if you are recommending medical marijuana to cannabis patients? If your policy is insured with a standard insurance carrier, then most likely it does NOT cover you against medical malpractice with marijuana patients. Most medical insurance policies exclude, or are silent about coverage for non-FDA approved drugs or therapies. If there is an exclusion in your current policy and you do not have coverage you may be liable to pay the defense cost of the claim and could be held personally liable for any judgment entered against you and your practice.

Marijuana Physicians Insurance Coverage

Our insurance affiliates that we use to insure all of our grow rooms are also the same companies that provide marijuana doctor’s insurance. They are able to provide physicians who prescribe medical marijuana to cannabis card patients with an insurance policy specifically designed to provide coverage for medical marijuana recommendations by Licensed Physicians. This marijuana insurance policy will provide complete coverage and protection from the cost associated with defending a claim and any judgments entered against the doctor and their medical practice(s). MMJ insurance policies will offer Marijuana Physician Mal-Practice coverage, Liability Marijuana Insurance Coverage, Patient Doctor Liability Marijuana Insurance, Code Enforcement Marijuana Insurance, Medical Marijuana Insurance Protection, Marijuana Insured Accidental slip, trip and fall. These are things every physician or doctor recommending marijuana for medical use to cannabis patients needs to worry about.

Cannabis Physicians Insurance Overview

Our Insurance Affiliates will customize an insurance policy specifically to the physicians insurance needs and to cover any problems that come with recommending medical marijuana to patients. Our affiliates offer exclusive top quality service to all medical marijuana Physicians and Docotrs, cannabis growers and marijuana dispensaries. Here is a quick overview about the type of service that is offered to all marijuana doctor insurance policy holders:

Mal-Practice Coverage while prescribing medical marijuana.
Physicians Liability Coverage
Robbery Coverage
Security Coverage
Risk Coverage
Lease Coverage

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