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Growing Weed Indoors for Beginners

Growing hydro medical marijuana is the best way to grow marijuana plants indoors for medicine. Freshest, largest harvests are grown in hydroponics or soil indoors or outdoors. Whether cultivated indoors or out, marijuana has the same requirements for growth. Plants need light, air, water, nutrients, a growing medium and heat to manufacture food and grow. If you are missing any of these you will not succeed. Indoors, you need to make sure you are using the proper lights in order to replicate what the sun does outdoors; air must be of the proper mix of humidity, warmth, carbon dioxide; water must be abundant but not excessive, and the growing medium must contain the proper levels of nutrients. Marijuana is typically grown as an annual plant, completing its lifecycle in 1 year. If you plant a seed outdoors, it will grow weed through the summer and flower in the fall.

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PK Boosters for Growing Cannabis Plants

PK Boosters are used be cannabis growers looking to get the most out of their cannabis plants. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is what we used on this indica plant. What does PK Booster mean? PK boosters are nutrient supplements for flowering cannabis plants that are specifically designed to be used during middle and late stages […] More

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud uses the right ratios of macronutrients and amino acids to make your cannabis plants produce the biggest buds possible. Is Advanced Nutrients Big Bud good for growing cannabis? You’re likely to be among the 91.7% of cannabis growers who use bloom boosters during the flowering stage, so it’s natural for you […] More

Advanced Nutrients: Good For Cannabis Growing?

Are Advanced Nutrients good for cannabis growing? According to Advanced Nutrients’ Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, a common misconception is that growing cannabis organically means simply cultivating the crop using only growing elements, such as nutrients and water, that are free of synthetic substances or other chemicals, or that it means growing the plant naturally outdoors. However, […] More

Organic vs Chemical Nutrients

Organic Vs Chemical Nutrients: What works best for growing cannabis? What are the major differences between organic and chemical nutrients? It’s not a matter of which one is better, because they’re good at different things. Organic Nutrients Pros & Cons: Organic vs Chemical Nutrients Better Smell & Taste to Buds – Many growers believe organic-based […] More

What’s the Best NPK Ratio for Cannabis Nutrients

What’s the Best NPK Ratio for Cannabis Nutrients? If you’re new to growing cannabis or still in the beginning phases, trying to figure out the best nutrients for your cannabis plants can be very confusing. There are so many companies making and selling nutrients: each one creating multiple types of nutrients with different purposes. The […] More

How to get a Medical Marijuana Cannabis Card.

As of May 2018, the legalization of medical marijuana has extended to 29 states and the District of Columbia. Both medical marijuana and medical marijuana cards are granted to patients who suffer from various types of illness, diseases, debilitating conditions or chronic pain/symptoms that are not eased by high-dosage opiates. Medical marijuana is both a […] More

How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: A Beginner’s Guide

You’re interested in learning how to grow cannabis indoors for the first time? Understand that growing cannabis indoors presents a unique set of challenges for the new hobbyist, and the sheer volume of information available on the subject can be overwhelming. Our guide to indoor cannabis growing will help simplify the process for you into […] More

What Cannabis Strains are Best for Treating Anxiety?

Using cannabis to treat anxiety is one of the most effective ways of doing so, especially when considering the other options – pharmaceuticals and opioids, which are both extremely unhealthy and bad on your liver. For some, a small puff of cannabis provides unrivaled relief of worry, panic, stress, and other anxiety-related symptoms. Unfortunately others […] More

What are the Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis

Finding the best grow nutrients for your cannabis plants can be time consuming and very expensive if you don’t know what nutrients cannabis needs to grow, when to feed the plants & how much nutrients you need to give them. There are so many companies specializing in cannabis growing chemicals, the options are almost endless […] More

Marijuana Plant Sex: Male or Female?

Knowing how to determine Marijuana plant sex is extremely important if you want to grow buds without seeds. To make it simple, Male plants produce seeds & female plants produce flowers (buds). More

Marijuana Seed Germination: Different Methods

Marijuana seed germination: what method works best? PRE-SOAK METHOD: Basically, pre-soaking means that you soak your seed in warm (not too hot!) water until they sink to the bottom of your glass or container. The idea is that soaking your seeds speeds up the germination process by making sure that your seed is completely moist […] More

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seeds

Choosing the best cannabis seed for your cannabis growing needs will be the 1st step you need to take when setting up a marijuana grow, unless you’re planning on starting from clones. There are a couple of ways you can source your seeds. If you live in a legal medical or recreational state, ask your […] More

Grow Cannabis: From Seed to Harvest

Looking to learn how to Grow Cannabis? You’re in the right place! This cannabis growing guide is designed to help you find the info you need to learn the cannabis growing process, from seed to harvest. Starting cannabis from seed can be extremely rewarding. Not only do you get to take your plants through a […] More

Growing Marijuana Using Advanced Nutrients

Using Advanced Nutrients to Grow Marijuana is one of the best things you can do to help ensure you get the largest harvests full of the healthiest buds. I personally have been using Advanced Nutrients in my grow rooms for many years now, and can honestly say they make some of the best marijuana growing […] More

Grow Apps

Marijuana Grow Apps are becoming very popular within the cannabis industry. As the marijuana industry continues to grow (no pun intended), indoor and outdoor growers are using grow apps like the Advanced Nutrients Bud Labs Grow App to help them save time and money. These cannabis growing apps are designed to make growing marijuana easier […] More

From Seed to Smoke

Like most seeds, marijuana seeds sprout and begin to establish themselves in spring, with the arrival of warmer and wetter conditions. The first leaves to emerge are embryonic; complete, single-bladed leaves with smooth edges. The next set are also single-bladed, but have serrated edges. With each new set of leaves, the number of blades increases […] More

Marijuana Aroma

Terpenes & terpenoids in cannabis are what cause and create the Marijuana Aroma, smells and flavors that each different strain has. The typical scent of Cannabis results from about 140 different terpenoids. Isoprene units (C 5H 8) form monoterpenoids (C 10 Skeleton), sesquiterpenoids (C 15), diterpenoids (C 20), and triterpenoids (C 30). Terpenoids may be […] More

Cannabis Careers

Now that marijuana has become legal in Washington and Colorado for recreational use the boom in Cannabis Careers has become a very hot topic. Medical Marijuana is also legal in 18 states which has also been a large contributor to the marijuana job market and careers in cannabis growing, marijuana dispensaries, grow supply stores and […] More

Hanging Buds to Dry

Hanging Buds to Dry is the next step after you have harvested your marijuana plants. Once you have determined that the plant is ready to harvest by using a jewelers loupe to check the thc trichomes, you can now cut the buds off the branches or cut the whole branch which is the best way. […] More

Marijuana Mother Plants

When Growing Marijuana Mother Plants for Cloning, It is necessary to determine the sex of the plant and find which ones produce the best buds. Sexing Mother Plants Once you have done this you will want to have clones of that plant already in vegetative growth, which you can use as your Mother Plant. Mothers […] More

Different types Indica Cannabis

Indica is by far the best choice for indoor marijuana growing , due to its short, squat, bushy growth. Indica plants have fat, wide leaves and fat dense buds. Most cannabis Indica plants are dark green, and some strains turn purple or reddish colors. The high from Indica Marijuana is a very heavy “head-high”. Most […] More

Cannabis Seed Germination

Seed Germination is the process in which a plant emerges from a seed. Most Medical Marijuana seeds are purchased overseas from legit seed banks. Most growers choose to start their harvests from clones as they are much easier and cheaper to purchase and/or find. Whether choosing to grow your weed in soil or hydroponics, the […] More

Types of Hydroponic Growing Mediums

Each Growing Medium for Hydroponic Marijuana Cultivation is unique in its own way. This page is designed to teach you the meanings and definitions of hydroponic growing mediums. Reusable Hydroponic Growing Mediums These are the mediums that can be sterilized and reused when growing in hydroponics: Expanded Clay – also called hydroclay, hydroton or hydrocorn, […] More

Harvesting Marijuana Buds Video

Trichomes When to Harvest Determining when your cannabis plant is ready for harvest is the most important part of harvesting marijuana buds. As a medical marijuana grower, whether indoors or outdoors, you need to know how to check the weed plants trichomes and the pistils to make sure you harvesting marijuana at the perfect time, […] More

Miticide Sprays

Miticide Sprays are becoming a very popular product in the medical marijuana growing industry as the rate of spider mites and other insects is also on the rise. I would not recommend using any chemical fungicides, fungistats, insecticides, or miticides on marijuana plants that are designed for human consumption, as these sprays are designed for […] More

Plant Leaf Deficiencies

If the specific strain of weed you are growing shows signs of illness or deficiencies in the plant leaf, this means that fungi, pests, insects, spider mites and other diseases are present in the grow room or in the strain you are growing. It is a must that you get rid of these problems immediately […] More

Spider Mites

A marijuana growers worst enemy in the grow room is spider mite infestation. They will reproduce and spread their offspring at a rate that you will NOT be able to keep up with. The spider mite is by far the most common pest found in indoor marijuana grow rooms and they cause the most problems […] More

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants

Cloning Marijuana Mother Plants involves cutting a growing branch tip and rooting it. Cloning is taking one cell of a plant and promoting its growth into a plant. Marijuana growers commonly refer to a clone as meaning a branch of a cannabis plant that has been cut off and rooted. Growing mother plants allows you […] More

Flushing Nutrients

Flushing Nutrients from your marijuana plants is done every 10 days to ensure that the plants and roots stay clean from salt build-up, remove fertilizer residues that can accumulate over time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils. It is good to flush nutrients in all systems and media while plants are growing. Nutrient […] More

Using Azamax to Kill Spider Mites

Using Azamax to kill spider mites on cannabis plants is the best method for indoor marijuana growers to keep their grow room pest free. Azamax does not harm the marijuana plant or the buds, and still works great at getting rid of mites, thrips, pests etc.. Azamax for Marijuana Plant Growing AzaMax is a highly […] More

Nutrients for Hydroponic Gardening

Using the proper nutrient sloution when growing hydroponic marijuana is extremely important. You always need to make sure that the nutrients can be broken down chemically within the plant, no matter what strain or origin the plant is. Some manufacturers of hydroponic chemicals use an all-organic base and some companies make their nutrients using chemicals […] More

Hydroponic Systems for Growing Marijuana

Hydroponics is the science of growing medical marijuana without soil, most often in a soilless mix. Most growers today prefer hydroponics as it produces larger buds in a faster time. With hydroponics, nutrient uptake and grow medium oxygen content can be controlled easily. Cultivating clones in rockwool, coconut fiber or peat moss is considered growing […] More

Detecting Male or Female Cannabis

Detecting Male or Female cannabis plants is pretty simple to do. Cannabis plants should show first signs of their sex, male or female, within the first 2 weeks of flowering. The pre-flowers grow at branch internodes just behind the leaf spur or stipule about the fourth week of the vegetative growth stage, when the plant […] More

How to Build a Clone Machine: Video

Build a Clone Machine step-by-step how-to instructions. Building your own clone machine for marijuana plant clones can save you money and allows you the chance to customize your clone machine to the size and to the amount of clones it will hold. My method costs approx. $90 compared to $300 EZ Clone Machine – 30 […] More

Pre-Flowering and sexing marijuana

Sexing Marijuana is only necessary if you choose to grow from seed. Cannabis grown from seed needs to go through pre-flowering to determine the sex of the plant, either male or female. Males produce pollen and seeds which can and will destroy a harvest. Female plants produce marijuana buds. Counting up from the bottom of […] More

Water and Nutrients

When growing Marijuana, using the best water and nutrients to feed your plants is the most important thing. Nutrients use the water to travel to the roots and allow them to be absorbed by the plant. Water uptake is governed by the laws of physics, so applying these laws, a grower can provide precise, properly […] More

EC – Electrical Conductivity in Water

EC or Electrical Conductivity happens when impurities are added to pure distilled water in the form of fertilizer salts. The solids found in tap water conduct electricity which require a simple water analysis to determine what the Nutrient (salt) concentrations are. These tests are easiest done using EC, TDS, DS, CF, PPM and EC Meters. More

Growing Large Clones

Growing Large Clones for indoor or outdoor marijuana growing is much better than cutting small clones from the mother plant for many reasons. Large clones that are cut from cannabis mother plants are usually 3-5 inches tall when they are cut from the mother plant. Most “normal” size clones are 1-2 inches tall when cut. […] More

Flowering Week 6

Marijuana plant Flowering Week 6 Harvest Time is determined using a few methods. Knowing the flowering time of the specific strain you are growing is most important. This strain I am growing in this video is a cross of Matanuska Mint and Afghan #1. I know from breeding these that they will take 6 weeks […] More

Vegetative Week 1

Once your marijuana clone has rooted it is ready to begin the Vegetative Week 1 Growth Stage where it will be placed into a grow system and fed nutrients designed for vegetative growth, while it receives 24hrs of Metal Halide Light each day. Vegetative Week 1 Video The Vegetative week 1 stage begins once you […] More

Vegetative Week 2

The Vegetative Week 2 growth stage is slow as the marijuana clones have just been receiving feeding nutrients for only a week, so the plants are not at the “fast grow” stage of their life. Video Step by Step Vegetative Week 2 Vegetative Week 2 Growth stage for indoor hydroponics medical marijuana cultivation. More

Vegetative Week 3

Vegetative Week 3 cannabis plants that are almost ready to transfer to the flowering stage to produce marijuana buds. These clones rooted in less than a week, then were placed immediately into grow buckets and placed in tray tables under 24hrs of Metal Halide Light. Sea of Green Video Week 3 Sea of Green vegetative […] More

Vegetative Week 4

Growing marijuana in a sea of green Vegetative Week 4 is the time you transplant them to the flowering stage. Vegetative Week 4 Marijuana Plant Growing in hydroponics. Vegetative Stages Week by Week Vegetative Week 1 Vegetative Week 2 Vegetative Week 3 Vegetative Week 4 More

Flowering Week 1

Marijuana Plants that have been transferred from vegetative growth to Flowering Week 1 in the bloom stage, need some special attention due to the fact that they need to be flushed of their grow nutrients and replaced with bloom nutrients. Plants will sometimes look like they are dying or wilted over when they are first […] More

Flowering Week 2

During Flowering Week 2 the cannabis plants are just starting to form marijuana buds. The first sign is the white pistols (hairs) that come sprouting out from the inside the leaf structure. The plants are feeding with nutrients designed for flowering marijuana buds. Flowering Week 2 Marijuana Buds More step by step videos can be […] More

Flowering Week 5

Marijuana plants in Flowering Week 5 are showing signs of getting close to being done. The pistols are turning amber and the thc trichomes are starting to fade from clear to opaque. This afghan strain take 6-7 weeks to harvest, so I know that in the next week I will need to beging flushing the […] More

Flowering Week 3

Cannabis plants Flowering Week 3 for marijuana buds are just starting to build up the thc glands or trichomes, as well, they are starting to fill in and show promise of being large, full, juicy buds filled with thc. I use a SE Triplet Jeweler’s Loupe – 30X to check the thc trichomes and glands […] More

Cola Top Flowering

Cola Top Flowering is when you trim and manicure the cannabis plants lower branches, cleaning and removing all of the small buds that do not get enough light, as well they just take nutrients away from other buds. By removing these small buds and branches you will force all of the plants nutrients to feed […] More

Flowering Week 4

Marijuana plants Flowering Week 4, growing in hydroponics are very amazing at this age. This video shows you what the plants look like and what to expect during this stage of the flowering cycle. You still need to follow the feeding schedule for the nutrients you are using to feed the plants. I am simply […] More

Flowering Light Cycle for Marijuana

The Flowering Light Cycle is the cycle you set your High Pressure Sodium Lights on to bud your marijuana plants. There is a basic light cycle and a more experienced growers light cycle for flowering and harvesting marijuana buds. In order to become successful with indoor marijuana growing, you need to know what light cycle […] More

Vegetative Light Cycle

Growing marijuana indoors, you need to know the best schedule to set your timer for the Vegetative Light Cycle to come on and turn off. While the marijuana plants are in the vegetative growth stage they require a minimum of 12 hrs per day of light, preferably Metal halide grow lights, which produce the white/blue […] More

Grow Lights Tips and Secrets

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights Tips and Secrets that will help you with growing your cannabis, as well will help keep the grow lights in good working condition. Controlling Marijuana Growth using Grow Lights The life cycle of the cannabis plant is determined by the daily photoperiod (hours of light per day). Natural sunlight is the […] More

Soilless Growing Mediums

When growing marijuana in hydroponics you will need to find the proper soilless growing medium that suites your garden best. The growing mediums provide support for the root system, as well as hold and make available oxygen, water, and nutrients. Texture, pH, and nutrient content, which is measured in EC (electrical conductivity) are the three […] More

Hydroponic Bucket System

A Hydroponic bucket system uses anywhere from 1 to 32 buckets for growing and one bucket to act as a tank or reservoir for the returning water and nutrients from the growing chamber buckets. Gravity allows the water to filter through the rock down to the bottom and returns the flow water to the “reservoir […] More

Flowering Marijuana Plants for Buds

Flowering Marijuana Plants for Buds indoors or Outdoors, cannabis plants flower in the fall when days become shorter and when the marijuana plant signals itself that annual life is at its end. Indoors, you determine when marijuana flowering takes place simply by changing the growing nutrients, grow light bulbs, and the hours of light the […] More

Soil for Growing Marijuana

Soil is made up of mineral particles mixed together with living and dead organic matter that incorporates air and water. Three basic factors contribute to the cannabis root’s ability to grow in a soil: texture, pH, and soil temperature. Soil Texture Soil texture is the size and physical makeup of the mineral particles. Proper soil […] More

pH Levels

The pH levels of the nutrient solution is what actually controls the availability of ions that cannabis plants need to help them grow healthy and strong. Marijuana plants grow best in hydroponics when the nutrient solution pH levels are between 5.7-6.5, 6.2 being the perfect pH level. If your pH levels are low then you […] More

Cannabis Growing Life Cycle

Cannabis growing life cycle starts fter a week or so of germination, cannabis plants enter the seedling growth stage which lasts about a month, depending on what method of growing you are using. Seeds for Cannabis Growing We specialize in cannabis growing by focusing on the cultivation of cannabis seeds. Marijuana plants flower into buds […] More

Types of Insect Sprays and Chemicals

Different types of insect sprays and miticides and their uses. Types of Insect Sprays for Marijuana Plants Abamectin -Controls spider mites, Russet, fire ants, nematodes and leafminers. -Mix with water. Mix .25 teaspoon (.125cl) per gallon (3.8L). -Spray when temperature is between 70*F-78*F. Repeat every 5 days. Baking Soda -Controls powdery mildew. -Saturate in water. […] More

Harvesting Marijuana Plants

How to determine if your weed plant is ready to harvest More