Weed Bacon

weed bacon

Do not use this recipe if you are trying to conserve your weed. This is probably the biggest waste of weed there is. That being said… Weed Bacon.

8 strips of the best bacon you can buy (if you’re wasting so much weed you may as well go all out)
1/2 oz of finely ground cannabis

Step 1: Place your bacon on a dish. Rub as much marijuana as you can into the bacon (sort of like you are marinating a steak).
Step 2: Place your bacon on a small frying pan. Cook for 5 minutes on low.
Step 3: Sprinkle the remainder of your marijuana onto the bacon. Cook on low for 60 minutes. You want to try and cook the bacon at the lowest possible temperature for the greatest amount of time.
Step 4: Place your bacon onto paper towels and dab off the bacon grease.
Step 5: You are now in heaven. Enjoy your Weed Bacon.