Making Cannabis Lube

For this recipe we will be using a ratio of 1 cup of organic extra virgin coconut oil, for every gram of cannabis. One gram of cannabis (at 10% THC) contains 100 mg THC. There’s 16 tablespoons in every cup of coconut oil, and each of these tablespoons of the finished product will contain 6.25 mg of THC.

Following this recipe, a serving size will equal 12 mg of THC, which is 1-2 tablespoons of cannabis-coconut lube (1 tablespoon of lube contains roughly 6.25 mg of THC).

We strongly suggest choosing a supremely high quality, organic, extra virgin coconut oil. As for the cannabis? The strain is up to you, which makes it an exciting chance to play around with different versions of the same recipe. Experimenting with indica based lubes, versus sativa based ones or even hybrids should be an interesting way to see how each affects your body differently. Find one that really gets you going? We’d love to hear about it.

Here’s What You Need:
2 cups organic extra virgin coconut oil (32 tablespoons, each tablespoon containing 6.25 mg of THC)
2 grams cannabis (finely ground)
Cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer

How to Create Your Own Cannabis Lube

To begin, preheat your oven to 280 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, add the 2 cups of organic extra virgin coconut oil to a medium size, oven-proof saucepan.

Heat the coconut oil in the saucepan over low-heat until the oil is completely liquefied. If for whatever reason your coconut oil is already liquid at the start of this recipe, simply skip this step.

Then, finely grind up the 2 grams of cannabis and add it to the warmed-up liquefied coconut oil.

Stir with a fork to ensure all of the cannabis has been submerged in the coconut oil.

Next, stick the saucepan into the preheated oven for 60-90 minutes, stirring occasionally throughout the cooking process. Handle with care as the pan itself will be hot!

After 60-90 minutes has passed, remove the saucepan from the oven and allow the contents to cool for several minutes before attempting to strain out the cannabis from the coconut oil.

Once the contents have cooled enough to handle, pour the cannabis coconut oil through a cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer positioned over a mason jar or other air-tight container.

Allow the contents left in the cheese cloth or strainer to cool completely before pressing and squeezing the remaining drops out.

Label your cannabis-infused coconut oil lube with the date and its potency. You should also store the lube in a cool, dark place to help preserve the cannabinoids. If the coconut oil solidifies, simply hold it in warm palms to soften and return it to it’s liquid form for use.

When ready to use, apply 1-2 tablespoons of the cannabis-infused coconut oil lube 1 hour prior to intimacy and then enjoy all the benefits!!

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