Cannabutter: How to make Weed Butter for Edibles

it’s the most effective way available, so you should follow this weed butter method before trying any other method that a non-experienced marijuana chef has provided for you.

How to make weed butter the clean and easy way!


Cannabutter: How to make Weed Butter for Edibles

Before you go and dive into The Weed Scene’s massive marijuana recipe section, you should know the basics to making the best edibles using fresh cured weed. There are a few simple steps you should follow to make edible weed butter.


  • Grind the weed into pure powder
  • Using a jar and cheesecloth, simmer for 4 hours.
  • Cool the weed butter
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  • Total Time: 4 hours
  • Category: Cooking


    • Cheesecloth
    • Cannabis
    • 4 sticks of butter


  1. grind cannabis finely (1st step) – Grind the weed in a food processor or chopper. Make sure to get it ground into a powder because the next step about cooking weed butter depends on how finely the weed is ground.
  2. Simmer the weed butter (2nd step) – butter that is cooked with weed is used in everyday food dishes and is much healthier than smoking cannabis. Simply wrap the powdered cannabis in a cheesecloth and let simmer inside jar with 4 sticks of butter. Now sit back and smoke a fat joint of some homegrown and wait for 4 hours while enjoying the weed butter fragrance coming from the cannabutter on the stove. puff, puff, pass – the butter to the cooling stage
  3. the cooling process (3rd step) –   As long as you are not too stoned, the third step is very easy.
    • remove jar from stove
    • drain the butter into a container
    • cool in fridge until hardened
    • now that the weed butter is cooled, lets work on making medical marijuana edibles, like a huge stack of cannacakes

  4. Making Canna-butter into tasty edibles (4th step)

Now you are ready to enjoy a nice meal or snack using my recipe. If you are unsure of anything or are like me, and have no memory left, please watch the video for step-by-step instructions.


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    • I tried this method today, and I was mostly pleased with the results. For some reason, the melted cannabutter wouldn’t strain out through the coffee filter. After fidgeting with it for awhile, I decided to just take the weed pouch out and dump out the rest of the cannabutter and cheesecloth (which was organic, which may have played a factor) out into the plastic-ware I was using.

      The organic cheesecloth, while I thought might cause problems despite claims it was edible, actually separated out from the cannabutter in the fridge, leaving a strange brown liquid with bits of cheesecloth in it unfrozen under the hardened cannabutter.

      Maybe I’m just dumb for not being able to strain butter, but it seemed useful to note that the butter separated from the cheesecloth liquid stuff and looks totally fine, so that might be easier for people. Just wanted your thoughts, thanks for the recipe.

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