Basics to Making Weed Edibles

Many people today prefer to consume their medical marijuana medicine by eating it using weed edibles rather than smoking it due to health risks. Cooking with marijuana can be fun and educational, while providing medicine in a much safer and healthier way than smoking medical marijuana. There are 2 ways to use the plant for cooking-one is to make butter and the other is to make flour. Both ways involve using either the leaf clippings from harvested plants and/or using the actual buds from the plant.

Preparing Weed Edibles

Remember that 2 ounces of dried leaf is equivalent to 4 grams of dried, cured buds. I prefer using buds as its that much less work and much more potent. To make Flour, simply take dried leaves and grind them using a food processor or a weed grinder into a powder. To make Butter (cannabutter), simply grind leaf or bud or both and add to simmering butter. I prefer to use my custom made Kief Tumbler to extract the THC glands from the dried leaf, which gives you the cleanest, purest form of thc resin possible. See our Complete list of Recipes for detailed info including pics and videos.

weed edibles

Recipes for Weed Edibles

There are so many ways to make marijuana edibles and so many recipes for cannabis candy and snacks that I have created my own personal recipe page just for marijuana foods for you to use to make your own medical marijuana foods and drinks.

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