Trimming & Manicuring while Harvesting Marijuana Buds

The proper way to trim and manicure your marijuana buds

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  1. It is as Dizzle says, Keep the strain going by taking clones. I had a beautiful three year old Northern Lights Mother plant, a Bubba Kush pre 98, a white widow and a Chronic. I got visited by the local sheriff in Southern California. He cut down my beautiful mother plants, and took my nine clones from the three mothers. He also took thirteen jars of WW and all sixty of my cookies and brownies.I wish I had found some place hidden where I could have kept my clones. Now I am having to order seeds or get some clones off Craigslist. Oh well.

  2. Do the plant die after producing bud or is there a way to keep the plant to reproduce more product after a 1st harvest? As well is there a way to pick just the buds off the branches allowing the plant to stay alive and thus to bloom again?

    • once the plant blooms, its over! sometimes you can get away with cutting the tops off earlier than the bottoms of the plant, but once the bottom finishes then that is the end of that plants life.

    • I had tried a few times to re generate a good producing plant, all to no luck. As Dizzle says, when it’s over it’s over. You waste so much time trying to re grow and the time and expense is not worth the trouble. If you don’t have any clones, ask some friends. They usually have more than they can veg and flower. You also can go on Craigslist and find clones, or order some seeds.

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