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We only deals in top shelf, high quality medicinal’s. Are products range in T.H.C. values anywhere from 16-24%, and have C.B.D. levels of +/- .6% ..We are constantly updating are menu, and improving are products, providers, and services…
Strains are super sour diesel,White widow ,OG Kush,GDP,Sour Diesel,Purple Haze,Purple kush,Blue Dream,Green Crack ,Girl scout cookies and many more in stock ..
Anything kush is getting higher on prices because is not enough and the demands is high as well , So we have pounds for 1900,2200,2400 for indoor,Greenhouse and strains.. Minimum order is an oz for $250 for a test run before we go to bigger orders ..
we brings you Indoor,Greenhouse& outdoor varieties of strains at