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The Marijuana gram if you like a solid and resinous bud with a ‘double Indica’ hashish taste and aroma, it is time to go for the Mr. Nice G13® x Hash Plant $2000. Sold in ounces only,A very potent strain from South Africa, Durban is a compact Sativa with a sweet aroma and an up high. It will has chunky, solid buds. If you haven’t tried Durban , you are missing out on one of the highest quality in the World! $150.Hawaiian Indica $ 140,Jack Herer

This multiple hybrid is the result of many years of selective breeding, combining 3 of the strongest varieties known to man. Even though we are regularly put under pressure by obsessed growers to give pedigree details, I’m afraid that just as with the Coca Cola recipe this Sensi variety $ 200,