Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana has long been under the negative spotlight. In case you didn’t know, it was legal until 1937, when the government enacted the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. That’s when the government officially made marijuana illegal on the federal level. Many propagandas were used for this.  One of the main lies that was spread about cannabis was that it is one of the most addictive illicit drug known to man. Today in 2017, we now know this is false along with many other things that were said about it. Marijuana withdrawal was exaggerated too. However marijuana does have withdrawal effects, although it’s very minimal.

Marijuana dependency is real. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 9% of Americans who smoke marijuana regularly get dependent on it. The effects from marijuana withdrawal are felt in some daily users. They generally cease within a few days. Here are the 3 main ones.

Marijuana Withdrawal

Loss of Appetite

The next day you choose not to sleep, you will notice you’re not as hungry as usual. You may not feel like eating breakfast or lunch. Dinner you may eat a bit. This might last 2 days or so but it goes away right after. Always remember that drinking water is a great option. Sometimes your body mistakes dehydration for hunger but if you don’t get hungry you won’t know.

Loss of Sleep

Some marijuana strains that are predominantly indica help you fall asleep. Some people only use marijuana to help fall asleep at night. If that’s the case, the only withdrawal effect is it may take you longer than usual to sleep. Your body is used to being lethargic and tired from smoking so you fall asleep quicker.

Aggression or Anger

When you smoke very often, you’re used to being relaxed and calm throughout your day. The small things that don’t matter much don’t really get to you. You are usually nonchalant about things. But when you’re sober you tend to notice small things more which can annoy you. This is sometimes the hardest part of all of this because your attitude towards other people are more noticeable. People ask why you’re angry so often or why you’re so jumpy.

Overcome the Side-Effects


This article is not to stop you from smoking marijuana. It is just to remind you that there might be some after effects that only last a few days at most. In order to feel better, try to keep yourself busy by doing things. The more you exercise the better it will be. It will balance your dopamine levels so you won’t be as jumpy. It will definitely help you eat once you’re done. Exercising is also good for insomniacs because it tires them out.


Meditating is one of the best ways to relieve yourself and feel relaxed or calm. Meditating calms the mind down and its especially good for people who are always thinking too much. It can possibly even help balance out your dopamine levels. Meditating can help you put you into your focus which can help with some of the withdrawals.

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