Cannabis Oil for Treating Cancers

What is the science behind cannabis oil and cancer? It has been proven that it has great effects when it comes to treating a large number of ailments and in recent studies, it has also been proven to be beneficial when it comes to treating cancer. Cannabinoids, a property contained in the oil, is being considered as one of the most potent natural disease and cancer fighting treatments currently available. This property also help in activating cannabinoid receptors which are naturally in our body. Together with endocannabinoids, which is naturally produced by our bodies, they help in creating a healthy environment and also play a role in many different bodily processes.

Cannabinoids also play a role when it comes to improving immune system function and regeneration. In fact, the body regenerates better and faster when it is saturated with phyto-cannabinoids. Not only that, it can also help in reducing the amount of cancer cells in the body whilst aiding in the recovery of a compromised immune system. For this purpose, studies have shown that consuming the oil orally is the most effective way of delivering the good stuff to where you need it.

To be able to understand how this works better, below is a quick overview of the different effects that cannabis oil has on different cancer types when used regularly and properly:

Brain Cancer

In a study conducted by one University in Madrid, it was shown that cannabinoids, along with THC, was capable of inhibiting tumor growth. The delivery also proved to be very safe with zero psychoactive effects on the patient. Other studies looked into its effects on the different biochemical events in acute neuronal damage as well as in slowly progressing neurodegenerative diseases. This resulted in the finding that, yet again, cannabinoids are capable of protecting the brain from neurodegeneration. Both discoveries are important when it comes to learning more about its effects on brain cancer in that it can significantly drop the viability of glioma cells (brain tumors) as a whole.

Breast Cancer

Quite a number of studies have been done on the effects of cannabis oil on breast cancer and a lot of which of have all proven to be positive. Among the positive discoveries that they have made would be the fact that cannabinoids are capable of inhibiting the proliferation as well as invasion of breast cancer cells. Besides this, it is also shown to be capable of significantly reducing the tumor mass. Another thing that they have learned about the component is that it can also induce cancer cell apoptosis as well as impair tumor angiogenesis (both of which are very good things). These discoveries back up the theory that cannabinoid based therapies are a great option for managing breast cancer.

Lung Cancer

When it comes to lung cancer, researchers have learned that the properties contained in cannabis oil were able to inhibit the epithelial growth which induces the migration of lung cancer cells. It was also able to decrease cancer cell invasiveness, something that’s quite crucial when it comes to managing the disease and helping the patient towards recovery. At the moment, further studies are being done on its effects when it comes to controlling both the metastasis and growth of certain lung cancers. Nevertheless, it is still a recommended form of treatment for the problem.

Prostate Cancer

Acting through cannabinoid receptors in our body, cannabis oil was able to show a reduction in cancer cells affecting the prostate as well as inhibit cell viability. It was also able to induce prostate carcinoma cell aptosis.

Blood Cancer

When it comes to blood cancer, studies prove that cannabinoids are capable of inhibiting growth and at the same time, inducing aptosis in matle cell lymphoma. The same can be said when it comes to leukemia cells and many of these doctors and researchers recommend it as a regular natural treatment for the disease.

Oral Cancer

There’s not much research into this yet but what little study has been done was able to prove that cannabis oil can become a potent inhibitor of cellular respiration and is also very toxic towards highly malignant oral tumors. Basically, it can help in slowly breaking it down.

Liver Cancer – For liver cancer, they have proven that cannabinoids help in reducing the viability of the human HCC cell lines (aka the human hepatocellular liver carcinoma cell line) thus reducing its growth at the same time.

Pancreatic Cancer

When it comes to this, researchers have determined that our cannabinoid receptors tend to be expressed in both human pancreatic tumor cell lines and tumor biopsies at higher levels than the normal pancreatic tissue. Their test results have shown that cannabis oil administration was able to induce apoptosis and was also central in reducing the growth of tumor cells along with inhibiting it from spreading further.


Do note that these are just some of the cancer types that cannabis oil can be used for. There are a lot more in this list but at the moment, many of them are still undergoing research and further study so that more concrete evidence can be provided when it comes to the viability of the oil as treatment for it.

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