Cannabis 420

Four Twenty aka 420, 4:20 or 4/20 is a phrase used as code for smoking marijuana or getting baked, stoned, high, blazed, blunted or many other slang terms used for consuming cannabis. 420 is a way for people to show their support for the cannabis community and marijuana smoking subculture.


$20 can be used to describe the time of day (am or pm), as well as the date april 20th, 4/20.

Origination of 420

There has always been a misunderstanding of where the term 420 originated from. Most people think it was a code used by cops and police as “marijuana smoking in progress”. Once locals heard the code term ‘420’, they started using it as their own language to say “lets go get high” or “lets smoke a joint”. You would hear kids and adults saying things like ‘hey, its 420, or hey dude is it 4:20 yet?’. These are all slang terms for people smoking marijuana or getting stoned. Once this code word spread around people began getting stoned at 4:20 every day, then they started getting high on april 20th (4/20). Ever since then, people all around the world have magically been getting stoned and high at 4:20 together for many years now. This is a time of day when you make sure you don’t have to work, and if you do you take a break aka 15min bake, to go outside and get as high as you possibly can. This is the same as thanksgiving, where people believe its proper to eat turkey, mashies, etc etc

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