Cannabis Advertising Space

Advertising in the Cannabis Industry: Is it for you?
The cannabis industry has become a $10 Billion a year industry, thanks to the help of many states that are increasingly approving medical marijuana programs and passing adult-use laws.

But for marketing agencies, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis brands, advertising the pot brings its own hurdles. One of the biggest issues is finding organic clicks, as organic traffic is the most valuable type of internet traffic. Our traffic here at The Weed Scene is 90%+ organic! Most other cannabis sites are just basic blogs where people are sharing the same info (news, politics, opinions etc) as everyone else, which really doesn’t allow you to zero in on a specific demographic like we do.

Choosing the Best Site to Advertise Cannabis on

The most important decision to make when choosing a platform to advertise your business on is relevancy! If it’s not relevant, you’re wasting your time and money. If you’ve ever done any online shopping or basic searching, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of ads that google or FaceBook (or whoever) displays on your screen are ads relevant to you, which is done using very intricate algorithms. When it comes to advertising your business to the cannabis world, it’s extremely important you buy Ad Space on a platform that understands the details of its demographics, which is what we excel at.

Online platforms with prime advertising space like Facebook, Youtube and Google do not allow drug, or drug-related promotions on their sites, leaving a large share of marijuana advertising to blogs and podcasts, newsletters and print media. And while experts say Facebook, Youtube and Google — which control the lion’s share of digital advertising in the country — are unlikely to change their policies until pot is legalized at the federal level, and television and radio come with their own sets of rules, industry members are left to navigate a complex web of state-by-state regulations.

No matter if you’re a Lawyer specializing in marijuana law, a supply company selling cannabis growing supplies, a contractor specializing in grow room design and construction, a marijuana dispensary wanting to advertise your products, an edibles company, or a small head shop selling pipes and smoking supplies… We have exclusive ad space for you!

Advertising Space Options

The Weed Scene offers 3 different Ad Layout Options, known as “AdSets”. Each AdSet has it’s own specific number of ads, each with their own specific sizes and locations. We offer 4 different styles of Ads (images, videos, text links, sponsored content). Each of the 3 AdSets are sold as exclusive Ad Spots. This means we will NOT sell AdSets to multiple companies in the same industry, thus eliminating any of your competitors from being able to advertise on the same site as you. Years of data, analytics & detailed demographics has allowed us to do this by splitting the sites data into multiple categories, which we then use to assign users to based on what they are searching for. By doing this, we’re able to eliminate what we call “empty clicks”, which are clicks without value. Ie., If the user is showing no interest in anything related to marijuana edibles, we wouldn’t display an ad for a company selling marijuana edibles, as the odds are against that person clicking on your ad. If you’re the edibles company, we will assign whatever AdSet you purchase to any and every visitor on our site that’s showing any interest in anything related to edibles. Our focus is on the Quality of the clicks, not the quantity, as we all know it’s all about keeping your conversion and customer retention rates as high as possible. We will only display your ads to the visitors showing interest in topics related to your business. Your Ads will never share a page with any other ads! 100% Exclusivity!

Below are the 3 AdSets we offer:

  • AdSet #1
  • Adset #2
  • Adset #3


Ad Space Exclusivity

Ad Space Exclusivity is something we pride ourselves in, as we believe it’s vital to maintaining a healthy relationship in which we all benefit from, and this is why we offer an exclusivity option with all of our Advertising Packages. This means you don’t have to worry about any of your competitors, as we will not sell AdSets to multiple companies from the same industry. Ie., if you’re a Dispensary and you purchase one of our AdSets, you will be the ONLY business related to marijuana retail. We will sell multiple AdSets to the same company, giving you the opportunity to own as much of the available ad spaces as you want.