Oregon Marijuana Card allows Oregon Cannabis Patients the use of medical marijuana to treat symptoms such as Cancer, glaucoma, positive status for HIV/AIDS, or treatment for these conditions; A medical condition or treatment for a medical condition that produces cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, including seizures caused by epilepsy, or persistent muscle spasms, including spasms caused by multiple sclerosis. Other conditions are subject to approval by the Health Division of the Oregon Department of Human Resources.

Oregon Marijuana Card Application

Oregon cannabis patients applying for a medical marijuana card must first be seen by a licensed physician that specializes in prescribing medical marijuana as medicine prior to submitting the cannabis card application to the Dept. of Health Services. Once the doctor diagnoses your conditions as needing medical cannabis, you will be given a prescription form that needs to be sent in along with a registry fee of $100 for new applications and renewals, $20 for applicants enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan or who receive federal Supplementary Social Security Income or monthly food stamp benefits to:
Oregon Department of Human Services
Medical Marijuana Program
PO Box 14450
Portland, OR 97293-0450
Phone: 971-673-1234
Fax: 971-673-1278

Caregiver Grower Oregon Marijuana Card

An Oregon cannabis registry identification cardholder or the designated primary medical marijuana caregiver of the cardholder may possess up to six mature marijuana plants and 24 ounces of usable medical marijuana. A marijuana registry identification cardholder and the designated primary cannabis caregiver of the cardholder may possess a combined total of up to 18 marijuana seedlings. State-qualified patients who possess cannabis in amounts exceeding the new state guidelines will no longer retain the ability to argue an “affirmative defense” of medical necessity at trial. Patients who fail to register with the state, but who possess medical cannabis in amounts compliant with state law, still retain the ability to raise an “affirmative defense” at trial. The law also redefines “mature plants” to include only those cannabis plants that are more than 12 inches in height and diameter, and establish a state-registry for those authorized to produce medical cannabis to qualified patients with their Oregon Marijuana Card.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

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