Illinois Medical Marijuana

Illinois Medical Marijuana card registration program is currently 1 of the 6 states pending legalization for cannabis patients to use medical marijuana as medicine known as Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. Illinois has 4 Amendments on the ballot for medical marijuana use, all of which are explained below.

Amendment 1 Illinois Medical Marijuana

Amendment 1 to the Illinois Medical Marijuana card program repeals the cannabis program after three years and prohibits marijuana patients from driving for 12 hours after consuming medical marijuana to due the higher risk of accident.

Amendment 2 Illinois Medical Marijuana

Illinois Cannabis card program or medical marijuana program Amendment 2 makes it illegal for marijuana dispensaries to make campaign contributions.

Amendment 3 Illinois Medical Marijuana

Amendment 3 of the Illinois medical Cannabis program sets a $5,000 non-refundable marijuana card application fee and $20,000 certificate fee for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Amendment 4 Illinois Medical Marijuana

Illinois Medical Marijuana Amendment 4 “Excludes from the definition of ‘qualifying marijuana patient’ active public safety personnel.” Please continue to check back as this will be updated as soon as we receive them from the Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Program Health Dept.

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  1. Do you think Illinois will legalize marijuana or even have medical marijuana in the near future, I have very bad stress and depression issues I been taking pills my doctor told me might help but they never do, then I smoked some jack and I never felt happier in a long time after that.

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