Eli Lilly and Cannabis

Eli Lilly and Cannabis are 2 words you would have heard together frequently, Prior to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 as the Eli Lilly drug company were the ones that found cannabis extract oil a great medicine for A.D.D & A.D.H.D, specifically in children. More children are affected by add and adhd than parents. Eli Lilly company used cannabis extract from marijuana buds and cannabis plants as their medicine of choice in the early 1930’s, yet today this is all illegal. Now, Eli Lilly is trying to make a come back into the medical marijuana multi billion dollar industry.

US Congress vs. Eli Lilly and Cannabis

Mark Souder, U.S. Representative from Indiana was the head of this “lynch mob”. Eli Lilly based out of Indianapolis was his major constituent. They had just chemically produced a new drug for A.D.D., A.D.H.D., etc., and were heavily advertising it as a miracle drug. A.D.D. affects millions of children, so it was a multi-billion dollar product.

During this same time, Medical Marijuana Doctors in California were experimenting using marijuana cookies (edibles) to feed to children with a.d.d and a.d.h.d, finding this really is a miracle drug. Unfortunately, a congressional meeting was held just to talk bad about marijuana and its medicinal use, specifically for a.d.d and adhd. They brought in fake experts on the subject that had no experience with cannabis or medical marijuana. This made it very difficult to prove their point.

How Eli Lilly and Cannabis Help Children

Eli Lilly has been experimenting with cannabis and the medicinal use of it for many years, since the early 1900’s. Eli Lilly has more experience with marijuana, cannabis and oils/extracts than any other pharmaceutical company out there. The active chemical THC or Tetrahydracannibinol has been a proven remedy for over 4000 years for many ailments, including A.D.D and A.D.H.D as it has the ability to naturally slow the brain/mind down to a point where the child can focus on what matters. Two words we will soon hear more of will be Eli Lilly and Cannabis as congress will someday legalize it.

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