CBD Tincture

What’s a CBD Tincture?
Tinctures, herb extracts soaked in alcohol, are one of the most effective ways to take herbal medicines. To make a tincture, the desired herb is soaked in a high proof alcohol and then stored for up to several years.

cbd oil tincture

Tinctures have numerous benefits. First, the high alcohol concentration intensifies the herb’s effects and expedites the absorption of its chemicals into the body. This is particularly true if the tincture is taken sublingually (beneath the tongue). Because it must travel through the digestive system, the effects of the herb will take a longer time to manifest if taken orally.

The arteries beneath the tongue absorb tinctures into the blood stream quite quickly, and users can expect to feel results in 15 to 45 minutes

Tinctures are also a low calorie, smoke-free alternative. The potency of a tincture generally means that a consumer would only need to take two to three teaspoons of the substance a day.

Finally, the alcohol functions as a preservative, so, unlike other methods of consuming herbs, tinctures usually have a multi-year long shelf life.

To make a CBD tincture, you will need the following ingredients and materials:

1 gram of a high percentage CBD strain. The surest way to obtain product with high levels of CBD is to check with the budtender and review the results of the dispensary’s lab testing. While a quick internet search will give you the typical results for specific strains, there are always exceptions.
1 ounce of strong alcohol, preferably Everclear 160 or 190, but strong rum or vodka are also acceptable options. Do not use rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.
2 mason jars
1-2 coffee filters
an eye dropper
In order to convert the inactive THC-A and CBD-A to the active THC and CBD, you must decarboxylate the plant material. To do this, you must place your raw weed in a covered casserole dish and bake it at 245˚F for 90 minutes. The plant material will darken and easily crumble.

Place the crumbled (but not powdered) decarbed cannabis into the mason jar along with the alcohol. Freeze the concoction for an hour.

Shake the liquid for 1-3 mincbd tincturesutes, and then use the coffee filters to strain the liquid into the clean mason jar. Wash out the first mason jar, then strain the liquid again.

Store the tincture in the mason jar, and place it in a cool, dark place.

To consume the tincture, use an eyedropper and administer a small amount of the liquid sublingually

CBD is an incredibly versatile cannabinoid with an array of therapeutic uses. A CBD tincture is a smoke-free and efficient way to harness the non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical power of the cannabinoid.

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