Snoop Dogg gets $5000 gift bag of Weed

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Before rapper Snoop Dogg takes the stage tonight at the Crystal Ballroom, he and his crew will be handed some of the best weed Oregon has to offer.

When Andrew Lamb, a marijuana aficionado from Hermiston, heard the musician would be in Portland this month, he put out a call on Facebook for Oregon pot producers to donate a sample of their products to the entertainer, whose love of cannabis is well known.

Just last month, Snoop launched his own line of marijuana, which will be sold in Colorado stores.

Joshua Jardine Taylor, who writes about cannabis for The Mercury, helped spread the message throughout Oregon’s marijuana community.

The result: a trove of Oregon cannabis, including top-shelf flower, marijuana-infused edibles and topical products, like personal lubricants, worth an estimated $4,500 to $5,000 on the retail market.

Taylor, who lives in Portland, said a couple dozen Oregon cannabis companies offered their best products, including about 6 ounces of flower grown in Portland, Bend and southern Oregon.

“It was remarkably fast and honestly, the feedback has been tremendous as far as people bringing me a lot more than I expected, people showing up with 2 ounces of their finest flower or 15 of their edibles,” said Taylor, whose company, Oregon Cannabis Concierge, offers a cannabis 101 class, helps source Oregon marijuana for musicians playing in Portland and organizes cannabis events.

Taken together, the volume exceeds what an individual is allowed to possess under Oregon law. Taylor said Snoop will get his pick of items provided he stays within the state’s limits. Those limits allow anyone 21 and older to possess up to 1 ounce of flower away from home, 1 pound of solid edibles, or about 10 chocolate bars; 72 ounces of marijuana-infused liquid, or a six-pack of 12-ounce sodas; and 1 ounce of marijuana extract.

Taylor originally considered handing the musician the gifts in a tasteful basket, but given the volume, he is now considering a couple briefcases or even a gym bag.

He plans to give Snoop the products backstage before the show.

“It’s the largest gift that I have ever presented to anyone.”

–Noelle Crombie

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