New Jersey

New Jersey Marijuana Card laws for medical cannabis use are some of the strictest in the U.S.. Marijuana patients are prescribed their marijuana card by a licensed physician to treat debilitating medical conditions, as well as their physicians, primary caregivers, and those who are authorized to produce marijuana for medical purposes” from “arrest, prosecution, property forfeiture, and criminal and other penalties.”

Apply for New Jersey Marijuana Card

Applying for a New Jersey Medical Marijuana Id card or cannabis card involves being diagnosed by a New Jersey State licensed physician who specializes in marijuana treatment prior to applying for your marijuana red card. Once you get your marijuana prescription from your doctor you will need to send it in along with the state marijuana application form and the patient registry fee of $200 (valid for two years). Reduced fee of $20 for patients qualifying for state or federal assistance programs to the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHHS).

New Jersey Marijuana Card Laws

Laws for new jersey marijuana patients and caregivers for both growing cannabis plants and possessing and using marijuana as medicine are as follow: Patients are not allowed to grow their own marijuana. Medical marijuana is not covered by Medicaid. Physicians determine how much marijuana a patient needs and give written instructions to be presented to an alternative treatment center. The maximum amount for a 30-day period is two ounces. New Jersey DHHS announced the locations of six nonprofit alternative treatment centers (ATCs) from which medical marijuana may be obtained. ATCs are anticipated to be open in the Northern, Central, and Southern Regions of the state by summer 2011. New Jersey Marijuana Card laws are very strict in comparison to the rest of the states.

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