Nevada Marijuana Card for Cannabis patients medical marijuana use and cannabis cultivation to treat medical conditions such as AIDS; cancer; glaucoma; and any medical condition or treatment to a medical condition that produces cachexia, persistent muscle spasms or seizures, severe nausea or pain. Other conditions are subject to approval by the health division of the state Department of Human Resources.

Nevada Marijuana Card Application

Applying for a Nevada Medical Marijuana Id card or cannabis card involves being diagnosed by a Nevada State licensed physician who specializes in marijuana treatment prior to applying for your marijuana red card. Once you get your marijuana prescription from your doctor you will need to send it in along with the state marijuana application form and the patient registry fee $150, plus $15-42 in additional related costs to:
Nevada State Health Division
1000 E William Street
Suite 209
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone: 775-687-7594
Fax: 775-687-7595

Once the state approves your medical cannabis card they will send it to you via mail. You need to keep your marijuana card on you at all times to avoid problems with the law.

Nevada Marijuana Card Laws

Laws for Nevada medical marijuana use and cannabis cultivation using your Nevada Medical Cannabis card are as follows: Cannabis Patients (or their primary marijuana caregivers) may legally possess no more than one ounce of usable medical marijuana, three mature cannabis plants, and four immature cannabis plants. Nevada has created a state registry for patients whose physicians recommend medical marijuana and tasked the Department of Motor Vehicles with issuing identification cards. No state money will be used for the program, which will be funded entirely by donations to help with Nevada Marijuana Card patients laws and limitations.

Medical Marijuana Doctor

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