MMJ Investor

This is a very unique opportunity to join the booming MMJ industry as a large-scale grower. A very close friend / business partner of ours is looking for top-quality indoor growers for both soil and hydroponics. This opportunity is not a job, This is an investment into a business that you become a part-owner of. You invest the knowledge and time and we invest the funds needed to get the job done.
Please do not email us asking what the pay is. Every situation is different and the investment varies.
Thanks in Advance

  • But on the other hand i know how to grow hydro and soil learend from my grandmom which has past

  • To Whom this may concern
    I have applied for the MMJ investors
    I have been a Chef for over 20yrs.I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Culinary arts& pastry & baking. I love to garden my grandma made me a sign that says “To plant is to belive into tommarrow”.Its dream to cook with it/grow it & get the highest t.h.c/cannabinoid content for other/crosspolonat & extract it,I know how to do it all even make suckers for the kids& i know how to make CBD kids would like a sucker or gum ect..instead of seeing a plunger or needle or pills.
    But on the other hand i know how to grow hydro and soil learend from my grandmom which has past

  • Alex

    I’m looking for info on investing into the industry in any way. If you could send me any info or links they would be very much appreciated.

  • eric weber

    hi names Eric,
    Looking to possibly work with you and hope you could give me a call and talk about what your looking for. Ive been growing for 13 years mostly outdoor soil but have experience in drip and aero systems. hope to hear from you

  • Kimbra Hicks

    My husband and I are new to the area and moved here from north Carolina because we are so passionate about growing marijuana. We need an investor to be able to start but we are very knowledgeable about growing marijuana and we are excited to get started.

  • Alex C.

    Hey, I am very interested in this. I am looking for an investor and have the knowledge that you are looking for. Shoot me an email and we can discuss further detail.