Marijuana Bucket Systems

Growing marijuana plants in Bucket Systems will allow the grower the easy to use as well as allowing for large cannabis plants to be grown. Bucket systems consist of ebb and flow, bottom feed, drip system and top-feed systems.

Bucket Systems Configurations

Most hydroponic bucket systems use configurations of four to eight or 36 buckets for growing cannabis plants and flowering marijuana buds, and one bucket to act as a tank or reservoir for the returning water and nutrients from the growing buckets. Gravity allows the water and nutrients to filter through the rock down to the bottom and returns the flow water to the reservoir bucket. Special emitters can also be used to allow a precise measured amount of water to feed each plant. Usually 1/2 gpm emitters are used. The return feed line from the bottom of each of the buckets to the reservoir bucket is generally yellow flex hose of 5/8″ or 3/4″.

Marijuana growing in Bucket Systems

Medical Marijuana growers choose to use the hydroponic bucket system due to the automatic operation and nutrient feeding it provides. Bucket systems also allow the growers to move buckets around and use many different configurations to set up their indoor marijuana grow rooms. These bucket systems can be used in any grow room and will always produce healthy cannabis plants that produce big fat buds.