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Municipality of Anchorage

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Closing Date/Time

Fri. 07/31/20 5:00 PM Alaska Time


$34.11 – $45.77 Hourly $2,728.80 – $3,661.60 Biweekly $5,912.40 – $7,933.47 Monthly $70,948.80 – $95,201.60 Annually

Job Type: Regular / Full Time


4501 Elmore Road, Anchorage, Alaska


Anchorage Police Department

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Job Information


Supplemental Questions

Open to the general public and any current Municipal employee.

This announcement is for the recruitment of Recruit Police Officers. Applicants who are successful in the testing and selection process may be added to the eligibility list to be considered for positions that become available in the future.

Selected hires will advance to a sworn Police Officer after the successful completion of the Police Academy.

This position is represented by the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association (APDEA) and is subject to the provisions of the current contract between the Municipality of Anchorage and the APDEA.

DEPARTMENT: Anchorage Police Department (APD)

HOURS OF WORK: 40 hours per week; Shifts Vary

LOCATION OF WORK: 4501 Elmore Road

Example Of Duties

Enforcement of all criminal and traffic laws including the identification and apprehension of violators. Perform a variety of crime prevention and enforcement duties as assigned. Respond to complaints and requests for Police assistance and intervene in various situations as required. Enforce traffic regulations, direct traffic, investigate collisions and complete detailed collision reports. Conduct preliminary investigations; collect and preserve evidence. Maintain records and daily reports; prepare cases for court testimony. Testify in court as required. Coordinate with other agencies as required.

The duties and requirements of a Police Officer include, but may not be limited to, performance of the following activities: use of firearms, driving emergency vehicles, handcuffing prisoners, administering first aid, rescue operations, lifting and carrying 0-70 lbs, directing traffic, subdue prisoners, pursue suspects, walking-lateral mobility, walking over rough terrain, bending, stooping, crouching, sitting, standing, standing for long periods, kneeling, twisting body, pushing, pulling, running, sense of touch, reaching, gripping hands and fingers, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, hearing alarms, hearing voice conversation, color identification, close vision, far vision, side vision-depth perception, night vision, maintaining balance, finger dexterity, speaking English, physically control combative and disruptive persons.

Physical audio / visual requirements include normal color discrimination, normal binocular coordination, normal peripheral vision, and corrected visual acuity of 20/30 or better in each eye. Normal color discrimination is defined as having the ability to discern the primary safety colors of red, green and yellow. Requires normal hearing or having no hearing defect which would adversely affect performance as a Police Officer.

Minimum Qualifications / Substitutions / Preferences
Must be a citizen of the USA by date of hire High school diploma, GED, or equivalent Must be at least 21 years old by date of hire Must possess a valid State of Alaska driver’s license by date of hire Must meet Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) and Anchorage Police Department (APD) standards regarding misdemeanor and/or felony convictions, traffic violations and use of controlled substances. Such as: No felony convictions after reaching the age of 18 No marijuana use within the past one (1) year Refer to the Background Investigation information in the Notice Section for further, specific details. Must be able to obtain APSC certification within 13 months of hire (AS 18.65.240). Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) / National Crime Information Center (NCIC) certification within thirty (30) days of hire. Satisfactory Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) background check at time of hire

Applicants For This Position Will Possess The Following Qualities
Unquestionable character and integrity Free of cultural and ethnic bias Strong ethical code in both personal and professional life Desire to diligently protect and serve the community through courage, compassion and respect Personal conduct above reproach

Additional Important Information


Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications, have acceptable employment records, and meet Municipal standards related to driving guidelines and criminal conviction history may be invited to participate in the Police Officer Testing process.

Applicants invited to test will be notified of the testing dates, times, and locations via email and/or phone. Ensure the email and phone number provided on the application are valid and current. Testing notifications will only be sent to the email address listed on the application.

An APD Police Officer is a professional and highly sought after position. Applicants should consider every step in the process as part of a professional job interview. Appearance and conduct during the process should exude professionalism. Applicants with unprofessional attire, such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or tennis shoes, may be turned away from testing or disqualified. This does not apply to the physical ability testing; appropriate workout clothing is required for this test.

If during any portion of the application, entry level testing or background process it is discovered that the applicant falsified any material fact, or intentionally omitted or modified material facts, the applicant will not be eligible to re-apply or be considered for any position with the Anchorage Police Department.

Entry Testing Information

All applicants must pass the entry level Police test by I/O Solutions. The written test is the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory Integrity 2 (NCJOSI2). For information regarding the written test, study guides and practice tests, go to Any cost related to this information is at the expense of the applicant.

Applicants must meet the minimum passing score of 70% to be advanced to the Physical Ability Test. NCJOSI2 test results are valid for two (2) years. Unsuccessful applicants are not eligible to re-apply for six (6) months from the date of testing.

Physical Ability Testing (PAT) Information

For detailed information regarding these tests, refer to the APD recruitment website at:

Sit-ups: This test measures muscular endurance of the abdominal musculature and will count the number of correct sit-ups completed in a one-minute duration. Applicants must complete 27 sit-ups in one (1) minute to pass.

Push-ups: This test measures muscular endurance of the upper body and will count the number of correct push-ups completed. Applicants must complete 15 push-ups to pass.

300 Meter Run: This test measures anaerobic power and will measure the time required to sprint 300 meters. Applicants must complete the course in 65.2 seconds to pass.

1 ½ Mile Run: This test provides an estimate of the cardio- respiratory fitness level and will measure the time required to run 1.5 miles. Applicants must complete the run in 15 minutes and 17 seconds to pass.

Applicants must successfully complete the Physical Ability Test in order to continue in the selection process. Unsuccessful applicants may retake the test after 30 days.

Conditional Offer Of Employment – Background Phase

Applicants who successfully complete the Physical Ability Test will be given a “Conditional Offer of Employment”. The six (6) Steps and conditions of employment are listed below.

Step 1: Preliminary Interview:

The preliminary interview is a structured interview focused on behavior relevant to the essential job elements required for the position of Police Officer. The applicant’s interview skills, employment history, driving history, illegal substance abuse history and other relevant information will be assessed to determine if the applicant meets Anchorage Police Department standards.

Step 2: Background Investigations:

The Background Investigation is a critical examination of an applicant’s past work and personal history. The Background Investigation phase takes the majority of time in the application process.

Applicants who are not successful during the Background Investigation phase are eligible to re-apply two (2) years from the date of the conditional offer unless otherwise indicated.

If during any portion of the process/background investigation it is discovered the applicant committed an act or acts which would constitute felonious conduct under Statutes, except the specific exclusions regarding simple possession and/or use of a controlled substance, the applicant will not be eligible to re-apply or be considered for any position with the Anchorage Police Department.

The Investigation Consists Of
Employment history Criminal and civil history checks Military records Driving history checks Credit history checks

Interviews With
Spouses/significant others Employers, co-workers Neighbors Secondary developed references
Eliminating Factors are listed below. Includes but is not limited to:


Conviction of a felony crime by a civilian court of a US State, Federal Court, Territory, or Military Court or any other Country for an offense which would be classified as a felony under Alaska Statue.


Illegally manufactured, transported or possessed with intent to sell or distribute, or who has sold a controlled substance and/or an imitation controlled substance, unless under 21 years of age and the act occurred more than 10 years before the date of hire.

Illegally used any controlled substance, other than marijuana, including scheduled prescription medications not prescribed to you within five (5) years of the date of hire (unless under the age of 21 at the time). Exception: immediate, pressing or emergency medical circumstance existed to justify the use of a prescription controlled substance not specifically prescribed to the applicant.

Used marijuana to any degree within one (1) year of the date of application, regardless of marijuana’s legal status at the time .

To any degree, used an illegal controlled substance while employed as a certified Municipal, State, or Federal peace officer, or correctional officer.

Step 3: Psychological Assessment:

The Psychological Assessment is a two-part process, and is used to determine suitability for the position. The first part is a written exam, and the second part is an interview with a State of Alaska licensed Psychologist. The written exam can take approximately 4 – 6 hours to complete.

Applicants must successfully complete the Psychological Assessment in order to continue in the selection process. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years.

Step 4: Polygraph Examination:

Successful applicants will be required to submit to a Polygraph Examination.

Applicants must successfully complete the Polygraph Examination in order to continue in the selection process. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply after two (2) years.

Step 5: Command Review and Chief’s Selection:

After passing all previous steps and phases, applicant files will be forwarded to a command review, where a panel of no less than three command level officers will review applicant files before they are forwarded to the Chief for final selection.


The Final Conditional Offer Of Employment Is Based Upon Successful Completion Of The Remaining Conditions Of Employment

The Municipal Employment Office will contact the selected applicants to make a final conditional offer of employment.
Satisfactory medical/physical examination to determine if the applicant is physically sound and free from physical defects that would adversely affect the performance of duties required by a Police Officer. Satisfactory passing a drug screen Submission of a current copy of the applicants State of Alaska driver’s license Submission of a current (dated within 30 days from the date requested) copy of his/her Department of Motor Vehicle driving record, including a driving record from previous states if the Alaska Driver’s License was first issued within one year prior to application, documenting an acceptable driving history. The processing fee(s) are the responsibility of the selected applicant.
Selected hires will advance to a sworn Police Officer after the successful completion of the Police Academy.

For information on acceptable driving history, please refer to the MOA Driving Conviction Guidelines.

All information from pre-employment examinations are the property of the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) and are confidential. Copies of any pre-employment examinations will not be provided to the applicant by the MOA or the medical provider.

If selected for hire, appointment to this position will be conditional based upon satisfactory passing an extensive background and financial check, and a drug screen.

If selected for hire, appointment in this position requires Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN) security clearance and access, and also FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) security clearance and access within thirty (30) days of hire. If the individual selected for this position fails to obtain these clearances and accesses within thirty (30) days of hire, he/she will be terminated.

The Municipality of Anchorage participates in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security E-verify Program. For more information, please go to E-Verify® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

All position-required licenses or certifications must remain current for the duration of employment.


Veterans who wish to be considered for interview preference as allowed in the Personnel Rules 3.30.031 D must attach a copy of their DD Form 214 or NGB22 to the application. The DD Form 214 or NGB22 must show an honorable discharge. The minimum qualifications of the position must be met for preference consideration.

The Municipality of Anchorage is an employer of National Service. Please be sure to include any volunteer work with AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or other national service programs on your application in the work history portion.

Application Process

Once an applicant clicks the “Apply” link underneath the header section of a vacancy announcement, they will be directed to the website to log into their existing account (or to create an account) of their application profile. Applicants will create or review their profile, make any updates necessary, and submit their application from their personal account. NOTE: The GovernmentJobs website and applicant’s profile accounts are not administered by the Municipality of Anchorage. For technical assistance or customer service regarding an account profile, applicants may contact the GovernmentJobs customer support line at 1-855-524-5627.

For general questions regarding Municipal vacancy announcements or the employment process with the Municipality of Anchorage, applicants may contact the Human Resources Department at (907) 343-4447 during regular business hours of Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, Alaska Time.

The MOA is an EO and AA Employer and complies with Title I of the ADA

For information regarding requests for reasonable accommodations related to employment under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Municipality of Anchorage ADA Coordinator at (907) 343-4571.