Marijuana data coordination, phase 2 – 20190887 in Denver, CO, US

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This project has two main components. They are described below with the deliverables for each one.

Mulesoft API development
Develop workflows and APIs for data used for analysis of marijuana legalization in Colorado performed by the CO Department of Public Safety (CDPS). The workflows and APIs will replicate workflows developed for three data sets in a proof of concept performed last fiscal year. These APIs will be developed for 13 data sets identified by the Department of Public Safety. These data sets are of varying sizes. Workflows will retrieve data from an sFTP site, incorporate and execute business logic for preparing the data for analysis by CDPS, ingest the resulting data into a SQL Server based data warehouse, invoke stored procedures to aggregate or anonymize data in the warehouse and then publish the data produced from the stored procedures to the public data portal known as the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) using the Socrata API. Develop SQL Server stored procedures to aggregate or anonymize data to make it fit for publication to CIM. Develop APIs to at least one business source of data, i.e., Office of Behavioral Health data systems.

Tableau Server Deployment and Development
Design an organization and architecture for Tableau Server deployment to support marijuana related data visualizations and analyses for approximately 100 authenticated users. The architecture should also be able to accommodate sites for other uses in other agencies and be scalable should we need to expand the server footprint to support other agencies. The architecture should also utilize the active directory for credentialing and authentication to data and dashboards. Deploy and configure Tableau Server based on the architecture defined in the previous step. Utilize Mulesoft APIs and workflows to ingest data from the marijuana data warehouse into Tableau analyses and dashboards. Ensure appropriate access to the Tableau instance by CDPS staff and other staff involved in marijuana data coordination and issues. Develop Tableau dashboards in consultation with CDPS staff to illustrate marijuana issues and visualization of data related to these issues.

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