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Hey there!

We operate a licensed cannabis delivery service in Sacramento, CA and we are looking for delivery drivers! We look forward to meeting you and making you a part of our close knit team.

Personality Requirements
KIND. You must be a kind and patient person! We service many people who are in severe chronic pain and we don’t take this responsibility lightly. When delivering, we hope you always have a big smile on your face. PUNCTUAL. You must be the type of person who shows up 10 minutes early. Unlike many delivery services, we are NOT on demand, which alleviates the stressful rush of getting orders to patients ASAP. We offer 90-minute windows for delivery, but this doesn’t mean we don’t want YOU to be on time for everything, especially in the morning. TAKE INITIATIVE. There may be cases in which we don’t explicitly tell you to do something, but it’s always nice knowing that we can trust you to get the job done no matter what (of course compliantly). This also means calling us when you need clarification.

Operation Requirements
You must be available to drive Monday to Saturday. There are AM and PM shifts available. You will meet at our licensed and secure location in Sacramento and conclude the day by returning to this location. You must have a working car that is NOT a rental vehicle or someone else’s. You must have a valid driver’s license. You must be over the age of 21. You must have current and valid registration and insurance in your name. You must have a car that can charge your phone and dash cam via USB (we will provide 2-port USB chargers for your shift as needed). You must submit a background check from DMV that confirms you have a clean record and no tickets (this will not affect your credit score). You must be comfortable holding cash and product of $5,000 at a given time. You must have a iPhone or Android phone with a newer operating system that can download the app called “OnFleet.” Please download it from the app store BEFORE applying to make sure your phone supports this. The #1 reason problems arise is due to driver’s phone not working or running out of battery and not having a charger. Your car should have a separate trunk! A small product cage will be put in your car while you are delivering (approximately 22x13x16 inches LxWxH) that shouldn’t be visible from the outside. Your car must have an alarm. Your car should be clean and professional looking. This doesn’t mean you need a new car, but we do expect the interior to be free of trash and other things that make it look unprofessional to the customer.

You will be paid $15 per hour plus .58 cents per mile driven. Our app tracks your exact mileage so this calculation is always accurate. After 90 days you can expect a raise. You can keep all your tips! We have insurance that covers anything that could go wrong on the job.

Lastly, we operate a portfolio of companies so the drivers we get the best results from will be considered for bigger jobs across the state.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this job description, we look forward to reading your application.

PS: You will also be given some awesome merchandise to represent our brand. We also offer $50 referral bonuses for anyone you direct to us that gets hired and stays at the job for at least 90 days 🙂