Investing in Cannabis Companies – A “How To” Workshop

Investing in Cannabis Companies – A “How To” Workshop
Event on 2016-02-27 09:00:00
Get positioned for the Green Rush! In the 19th Century, thousands of prospectors headed west hoping to make a fortune in the Gold Rush. Some discovered gold. The most financially successful were people who sold tools, jeans and other supplies to the miners.  For the first time in our lifetime, we have the same opportunity to blaze new trails as states continue to legalize medical and recreational marijuana. Legal sales of cannabis for medicinal purposes and recreational use in the U.S. grew an estimated 75 percent in 2014 to .7 billion, according to market analyst.   Medical marijuana is legal in 24 states and the District of Columbia.  Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. currently allows some recreational use by adults.  More and more states are expected to come on board this year! Sales are predicted to reach .8 billion by 2019! Many of those sales will be from products like rolling papers, pipes, bongs, vape pens, edibles, hemp beverages, hemp energy drinks, and even bio-fuels. There are more than 300 cannabis related companies now trading on the over-the-counter (OTC) market, which means that individuals all over the U.S. can publicly purchase shares of stock in these companies for just PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR! Who Are These Companies? Where Do You Fit In?   What Are the Risks?   Learn How YOU Can Invest Now!   MIPR, LLC is hosting an educational workshop that looks into the investment opportunities that are available in the public and private sectors of the cannabis industry.  Join us on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Potenza Lodge in Denver from 9AM until 3PM.  At this workshop, you will learn how to get positioned in this multi-billion dollar industry!  You’ll Walk Away With a Wealth of Knowledge and Understanding of …….   What You Should Know About Investing in Public and Private Cannabis Companies The Introduction to Cannabis Stocks How to Open An Online Brokerage Account Why Invest in Cannabis Companies? What You Should Know Before Investing The Risks & Rewards of Investing in Cannabis Companies The Best Investment Resources, Newsletters and Investment & Stock Experts   MIPR, LLC will bring all the relevant information you need to be informed about investing in public and private companies in the cannabis industry; and we’ll provide you with the necessary tools that could earn you a 1st class seat on the “canna-bus express” before it’s too late.    Dive into the legalized industry of cannabis!   This workshop is designed for novice and seasoned investors!   For more information about our Investment Workshop   Call 1-855-727-MIPR (6477) ext 2     ———————————————————————————————    Saturday, February 27, 2016 Potenza Lodge  1900 West 38th Avenue – Denver, Colorado 80211   Registration Begins (8:30AM) – Morning Refreshments Served   *Workshop begins promptly @ 9:00AM     Guest Speakers:   Derwin Wallace, MBA – President of Canna Investor Relations and Director of Investor Relations for MIPR, LLC   Jennilynne Coley – Managing Partner of MIPR, LLC   Khadijah Adams – Senior Managing Partner of MIPR, LLC   ————————————————————————————- For your convenience, we have blocked out hotel rooms at a Special Rate from February 26th – 28th at the     Residence Inn – 2777 Zuni Street – Denver, CO 80211 Tel: 303-458-5318 (Call for blocked rooms only) ————————————————————————————   For more information about our Private Weekend Retreat Call 1-855-727-MIPR (6477) ext 1     Disclaimer: MIPR, LLC is not a stock promotion company and we are not licensed broker-dealers, market makers, investment advisors, or underwriters. All information that we provide is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. Furthermore, investing in such securities involves substantial risk of loss and investors should seek advice from financial professionals before investing.

at Potenza Lodge
1900 West 38th Avenue
Denver, United States

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