Grow-Op Investments

Marijuana Grow-Op Investments are one of the fastest growing businesses related to the medical marijuana industry. Investing in a marijuana grow-op aka cannabis grow house, which could be anything from a small warehouse all the way up to a 20 acre farm filled with cannabis plants that are grown not only for the finished product which is smokeable marijuana but also cultivated for other thing like hemp oils, hemp papers and fibers, marijuana leaf clippings used to make edibles and much much more. Investing in to marijuana growing works best when the investor can purchase the property it will be located on, compared to leasing the property.

Marijuana Grow-Op Investments Network

We receive many requests on a daily basis from perspective cannabis growers that are part of our medical marijuana network and are in need of funding to expand their Marijuana grow house / grow operation or private loan to start up a legit grow op that can produce large quantities as that is what it takes to supply local dispensaries and is also the only way to turn a profit in this industry. Due to a major drop in marijuana prices over the last few years, the local cannabis growers are forced to increase the size of their grow rooms, allowing for more plants to be grown which in the end equals more profits for the marijuana grow house business and the private money investor that is funding the Grow-op.

Investing in a marijuana grow house can range anywhere from $5k up to $10mil depending on how many marijuana plants you are looking to grow.

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