Cannabidiol (CBD) A primary cannabinoid in cannabis that doesn’t bind to CB1 receptors, where psychoactive effects are triggered, and can mute THC’s psychoactive effects.
Cannabinoids Active chemical compounds in cannabis that plug into cannabinoid receptors in the human brain. Cannabinoids deliver powerful antioxidants and can shift neurological and physiological patterns.

Clone Specially selected cuttings from a “mother” cannabis plant that grow into full-size offspring.
Cola Clusters of female cannabis flowers that can grow up to a foot and more in length.
Cultivar A variety or strain of cannabis originating in and persistent under cultivation.
Decarboxylation The process of heating cannabis to break off THC-A’s and CBD-A’s carboxyl radicals, activating THC and CBD and making cannabis more potent.
Dispensary An establishment that sells cannabis. In states where adult-use cannabis is legal, medical dispensaries generally operate separately from “recreational” dispensaries (the cannabis industry prefers the term “adult-use”).
Extraction Substance made by extracting cannabinoids from cannabis using a fat or solvent.
Fan Leaf Large iconic leaf with long pointy fingers on the outside of the plant. Fan leaves contain very little THC but, depending on the cultivar, can be high in CBD.
Flower Egg- or conical-shaped cluster of blooms on cannabis plants that grow up to several inches long. Sometimes referred to as “bud” or “nug.”
Hash Extracted and concentrated resin from the cannabis plant.
Hemp Non-psychoactive cannabis subspecies used primarily for food, fiber, and high-CBD medicine.
Hybrid Cultivar made from breeding two different plants. (Hybrids can be accidental or intentional.)
Indica Type of cannabis plant with dark, rounded leaves and tight flowers. Indica delivers a cozy, hibernating all-over body effect for most people.
Infusion Substance created by extracting chemical compounds from cannabis in a fat or solvent.
Kief Concentrated resin glands that have been separated from the plant using dry, solvent-free methods.
Landrace Cultivar with pure genetics that’s indigenous to a particular geographic region.
Marijuana Grow Operation A place where cannabis is grown legally, also known as a “grow op.”
Sativa Type of cannabis with long, pointy, light green leaves and fluffy, fruity flowers. Sativa delivers a bright, uplifting euphoria that many people appreciate for daytime use.
Sugar Leaf Small resin-coated leaves trimmed from colas during harvest, often used in cooking. Also known as “trim.”
THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in cannabis that gives it psychoactive effects.
Tincture Infusion made by dissolving cannabis in alcohol.
Terpene Pungent oil produced in cannabis resin that interacts with cannabinoids in the human body to modulate the effects of THC and regulate dopamine and serotonin.
Trimming Process of manicuring cannabis flowers to remove sugar leaves.
Trichome Hair with crystal-like resin glands on cannabis leaves, stems, and calyxes where most cannabinoids and terpenes reside.