Glass Pipes

Glass Marijuana Pipes are relatively small, easy to use, and well suited to be passed around, making them a popular smoking tool. Often called a “bowl,” pipes are traditionally made out of a variety of materials including glass, metal, wood, stone, corncob, or even homemade out of apples or aluminum cans. The overall best bowls for smoking herb are handblown glass pipes. Your standard glass pipe consists of:

BOWL: to hold the herb
CARB: A side opening (carburator) used to control air flow
STEM: to collect the smoke
MOUTHPIECE: to hold against your lips

Simply pack, light, and inhale. When holding the pipe around the bowl, make sure to cover the carb while lighting the herb. Opening the carb allows for more airflow and is done to clear all the smoke from the stem as you finish taking your hit. Pipes also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as the following:

Glass Smoking Pipes

One Hitter Glass Pipe

A one hitter or a “bat” is a small, discreet pipe that only holds enough weed for a single hit. They are very convenient to transport, conceal, and easy to use.


This straight pipe is open on both ends and smoked upright through cupped hands so as not to touch your lips. Although they take some practice to use, chillums provide one of the strongest hits you can get from a pipe.

Bubbler Marijuana Pipe

A bubbler is a glass pipe with an additional chamber that holds a small amount of water—and it is referred to as a water pipe. The smoke is filtered through the water chamber to offer a much smoother hit than other dry pipes.

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