Cyber Monday Grow Tent Deals 2016

Our team have been busy scanning the internet for the best Cyber Monday Grow Tent deals of 2016. We’ve divided them into three categories: grow tents, grow cabinets and complete grow packages for the serious cannabis grower.

Cyber Monday Grow Tent Deals Tracker

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Grow Boxes & Grow Cabinets are the ultimate in indoor hydroponics growing of cannabis. Indoor Grow Cabinets & Grow Boxes offer a discreet option that is professionally built to provide a uniform environment for your cannabis plants during their entire growth cycle. The self contained Grow Boxes and Grow Cabinets are an ideal option for those who want a system that is secure and blends in with its surrounding.


Grow Cabinets Cyber Monday Deals

Complete Grow Packages Cyber Monday Deals

Grow Tent Packages and Grow Kits offer the convenience of an all-in-one solution. A wide selection of grow tents kits by some of the best names in the cannabis industry, including Gorilla Grow Tents, Secret Jardin Grow Kits and Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent Packages. All shapes and sizes of grow tents for beginning to experienced cannabis growers. Using a grow tent kits to grow your next batch of marijuana will result in greater yields and control of your process.

Grow tents & grow cabinets are commonly a good cannabis cultivation solutions for the small scale home grower. The Weed Scene offers everything you need for growing marijuana in a growing tent. Lighting, ventilation (intraction and extraction), temperature and humidity, watering and fertilizing, and preventive treatments.