Cannabis Banner Ads

One of the most effective ways of getting organic traffic to your site is through the use of banner ads, especially when it comes to anything cannabis related.

Banner Ad Locations and Sizes

We offer 3 different Ad Sets to choose from. Each one is specifically designed to attract the most relevant traffic pertaining to the nature of the ad. These are all very unique & creative layouts used to get ad specific traffic. When it comes to getting clicks to your site, our focus is on the Quality of the click, not the Quantity. Using analytics and algorithms, we are able to place ads on the pages with the traffic specific to your ad, thus eliminating any “wasted clicks”.

Different Layouts for Banner Ads

Adset #1:

2 x 300×600 – 1 on each side

adset #1


Adset #2:

1 x 950×250 located top center

2 x 350×250 located on the right sidebar

adset #2

Adset #3:
1 x 600×600 located in the middle of the content
adset #3