4-Step Cannabis Decarboxylation

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Cannabis Decarboxylation done in your kitchen oven using just a few simple ingredients and 2 easy-to-follow steps to achieve the perfect decarboxylation, allowing the cannabis to then be used in things like foods, topicals (lotions), cannabutter, cannabis oils, to name a few. 


  • as much ground cannabis as you plan on using for whatever it is you’ll be making
  • a cookie sheet or oven safe dish
  • tin foil 


  1. place the ground cannabis flower onto the cookie sheet or dish
  2. cover with foil
  3. bake at 240°F for 40 minutes or until it starts smoking, whatever comes first
  4. remove from oven and let cool
  5. THAT’S IT. You’re done and now ready to use in whatever recipe you desire (oils, butters, tinctures..)