‘Gas Mask’ Nano Rig with Quartz Nail


Rocking a 10mm Jointn n45 Degree Jointn nBent Neckn nColored Glassn nDiffused downstemn nHas a Female Jointn n4.5 inchesn nMade in Los Angeles CAn nMade in the USAn nWorked Glass

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Product Description

The gas mask motif hits nano rigs.n nPulse Glass’s new line of gas mask motifs have been appearing on all of their new products. Now it’s available at Smoke Cartel in the form of these tiny nano rigs! Standing at only 4.5 inches tall, these rigs use a tiny 10mm female joint, and even sport a connected diffused downstem. The bent neck makes it perfect for sitting back and relaxing, and green slyme and earth tones color working accents the pieces of the gas mask. If you’re a gas mask kind of guy or gal, we’re sure this portable little piece will get you through any apocalypse or asbestos type situation. Probably.