‘Full Sherlock’ Bubbler Rig with 14.5mm Female Joint and Colored Accents


Rocking a 14.5mm Jointn n90 Degree Jointn nBent Neckn nBranded Glassn nClear Glassn nColored Glassn nDiffused Downstemn nHas a Female Jointn nMade for Dry Herbsn n6.5 inchesn nGround Jointn nMade in Chatsworth CAn nMade in the USAn nScientific Glass

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A small but powerful pipe for your lazy days.n nThere’s nothing like kicking back with a good water pipe. With this color accented water pipe with black stem neck from Purr Glass, you’ll find sitting back and chilling on the couch comes naturally. Pass this pipe to your friends so they can get a nice taste of the color accented diffused downstem, and they’ll get some strong gradual draws with a decent amount of natural flavors. The 14.5mm ground female joint comes with a color accented flower bowl with clear glass handle. Available in blue cheese or green slyme.

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