‘Deadpool’ Inspired Worked 14.5mm Male Bowl


90 Degree Jointn nColored Glassn nMade for Dry Herbsn nMale Bowln n4 inchesn nMade in Asheville NCn nMade in the USAn nWorked Glass

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Time to make the chimi-fucking-changas.n nIf you’re a smoker who also loves Deadpool, this stunning color worked bowl may be just the thing you need to fashion up your favorite water pipe. This bowl comes from Snoops Glass up in Asheville, North Carolina with love and care. It’ll fit any 14.5mm female joint, and you’ll have a hefty sized bowl to keep the sesh going between you and your friends. Show your pride and make the chimi-fucking-changas.n n See which joints sizes this Bowl fits.

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