‘Big and Tall’ Showerhead Straight Tube


Rocking a 18.8mm Jointn n90 Degree Jointn nBranded Glassn nClear Glassn nHas a Female Jointn nMade for Dry Herbsn nMale Bowln n16.5 inchesn nMade in the USAn nScientific Glassn nShowerhead Percn nStraight Tuben nThick Glassn nUses a 18.8mm Male Bowl

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Thick glass and an impeccable showerhead – this piece has got it goin’ on!n nThis mighty straight tube from Limitless Glass works was blown using only the highest grade materials in Asheville, NC. Because of it’s thick side walls and impressive stature, this beauty was lovingly named the “Big and Tall” and it truly lives up to its name. The 18mm ground joint on this piece has a gentle curve and a thick reinforced bridge connecting it to the body, both of which highlight the craftsmanship that went in to creating this piece. The over-sized showerhead percolator in this piece features precisely cut slits around the bottom circumference creating a highly filtered hit without increasing the drag. n nA beautiful ring style ice pinch is located slightly above the percolator meaning that you could add a huge amount of Ice to this bad boy if you are so inclined. This waterpipe is perfect for those looking for something with a classic aesthetic but with modern technology such as precision percs. Can you handle the “Big and Tall”?

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