‘Barbershop’ Black and Red Striped Classic Mini Rig with Diffused Downstem


Rocking a 14.5mm Jointn n45 Degree Jointn nClear Glassn nColored Glassn nConcentrate Rign nDiffused Downstemn nHas a Male Jointn n6 inchesn nGround Jointn nMade in Asheville NCn nMade in the USAn nPortablen nScientific Glassn nStraight Neckn nWorked Glass

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A classic red and black swirl accents a strong rig.n nThis mini rig, at 6″ tall, is guaranteed to get you some strong and flavorful hits from its small size. On its back, a red, black, and white color worked swirl accents the neck and acting almost as a little handle for when it’s empty. The affixed ground 14.5mm ground male joint attaches to a diffused downstem, which gives the piece its remarkable percolation in the main chamber. Just fill this little thing up with water and you’ve got awesome concentrate hits from almost anywhere.

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