9mm 19 Inch White Label Beaker


Rocking a 14.5mm Jointn nBeaker Basen nBranded Glassn nClear Glassn nDiffused Downstemn nIce Pinchn nMade for Dry Herbsn n19 Inchesn nHigh grade German Schott Glassn nHighest Quality Materialsn nMade in the USAn nMale Joint with Female Domen nScientific Glassn nThick Glass

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This piece is from illadelph’s 9mm series and stands at 19 inches tall. It features a signature, white Illadelph label on the front, and matching white, diffused downstem with keck clip. The infamous crest-like decal from Illadelph is seen on the back of this piece, and the neck features an ice pinch. It’s thick walled, beaker base, is made of beautifully clear glass, as well as the bowl attachment, making it one you’ll love to use but almost hate to touch!

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