HPS Lights

High Pressure Sodium HPS Lights

High Pressure Sodium HPS lights are used for blooming stage (budding) of cannabis plants to produce marijuana buds. These high pressure sodium lights come in watts ranging from 150w to 1000w ballasts. I only use 1000w Hydrofarm HPS light systems with 1000w super hps hortilux bulbs. I have used these for the past 15 years… Read More

Indoor marijuana

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights

Indoor marijuana growing requires the use of Grow Lights designed specifically for indoor plant growth to replicate the lighting that the sun provides for outdoor plants. There are many different grow lights available, all of them using different spectrums to produce different growth in marijuana plants.

Flowering Light Cycle

Flowering Light Cycle for Marijuana

The Flowering Light Cycle is the cycle you set your High Pressure Sodium Lights on to bud your marijuana plants. There is a basic light cycle and a more experienced growers light cycle for flowering and harvesting marijuana buds. In order to become successful with indoor marijuana growing, you need to know what light cycle… Read More

grow lights

Vegetative Light Cycle

Growing marijuana indoors, you need to know the best schedule to set your timer for the Vegetative Light Cycle to come on and turn off. While the marijuana plants are in the vegetative growth stage they require a minimum of 12 hrs per day of light, preferably Metal halide grow lights, which produce the white/blue… Read More

led marijuana grow light indoor

LED Light for Marijuana Growing

Led Light for Marijuana Growing are lights that are said to produce High yields of quality buds, less heat then normal HID lights and less electricity! Using LEDs as your indoor marijuana grow lights will allow for minimizing heat and power while still providing huge yields. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "zaporac-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"… Read More

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights.

Metal Halide lights are used during the vegetative growth stage of cannabis plants that are grown for medical marijuana. Metal halide lights produce the blue light spectrum marijuana plants need to grow big and strong. I personally use 250w Hortilux Blue and 400w Hortilux Blue halide lights in my grow room. I use the 250w… Read More

fluorescent grow lights clone

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent lights are commonly used for growing indoor marijuana, specifically for clones, cuttings and seedlings. I know some people to use Fluorescent lights to grow their mother plants, although I do not recommend it as Fluorescent lights just do not produce enough power to grow a healthy mother plant. I use 2 Fluorescent shop lights… Read More

Grow Lights Tips and Secrets

Indoor Marijuana Grow Lights Tips and Secrets that will help you with growing your cannabis, as well will help keep the grow lights in good working condition. The life cycle of the cannabis plant is determined by the daily photoperiod (hours of light per day). Natural sunlight is the best form of light for growing… Read More

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